Art vs. Science – The 5 Traits Modern Recruiters Must Have


Recruitment is a rapidly changing industry, and the characteristics of a successful recruitment consultant have fundamentally shifted over the past decade. Modern recruiters combine matchmaking with sales savvy, talent advising with marketing, and communications with technology. Today, recruitment is equal parts art and science. Those who have mastered this combination have 5 key traits.

1. A sales-oriented mindset.



2. A sound understanding of marketing.

marketing-icon-256x256Marketing is becoming increasingly important for modern recruiters. As a recruitment consultant, you’re not only expected to market your own services but also market your candidates to potential employers and, conversely, market available positions to the candidates themselves.


3. An eye for match-making.

Arrow2Modern recruiters have an innate instinct for building relationships and connecting people. Able to navigate skill sets and personalities, they’re always analysing compatibility to find the perfect match. Modern recruiters understand their client’s company culture and make the effort to find a candidate who not only has the required skills, but will also meld well with the existing team.


4. An inquisitive mind.

icon_findRecruitment is a fast-paced industry, and modern recruiters are never caught by surprise. Always on top of current trends, they frequently research candidate pools, industry metrics, technology trends, and competitor activity. They’re trusted experts on important trends for clients and candidates alike.


5. The ability to geek out.

glassesfinalModern recruiters embrace technology and use the best tools at their disposal. They wholeheartedly follow a mantra: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Data is king, and modern recruiters understand that if they can harness it, they’ll not only make better decisions but also get a leg up on the competition.


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