Bullhorn Australia Highlights from 2014

2014 has been a banner year for Bullhorn Australia. We’ve had significant growth across the spectrum of the company, including an increase in our number of clients, personnel, and physical office expansion.

Bullhorn Australia has signed approximately 100 clients in the Asia Pacific region over the past year. This number includes companies like Pharmaceutical and Medical Professionals, as well as Boyd and Moore of Tokyo, Japan. In addition to this substantial influx of clients, we have also outgrown our old office and moved into a larger office space.

This expansion was necessitated by rapid personnel growth. Two years ago, Bullhorn Australia was made up of two staff members. A year later, we had expanded to a total of five employees. Now, at the end of 2014, Bullhorn Australia is comprised of eleven employees, and still growing. We have hired a greatly experienced Project Manager, Khanh Pham, with many years of Bullhorn product knowledge under his belt. Matt Lancey will start in his new position as local Trainer in January, and we have also hired Aaron McIntosh as a local Sales Engineer. Additionally, we have hired a highly experienced, multilingual support staff with proficiency in a multitude of languages, including English, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian, Uzbek, Kazakh, Mandarin, and Cantonese. As a result, Bullhorn Australia is capable of providing support to customers from a wide variety of regions.

The upward trend of growth for Bullhorn Australia in a number of different facets is promising for the future. Any growth we experience, however, is due to and done for the benefit of our customers. Bullhorn is committed to pursuing progress in order to provide the very best user experience for all of our clients well into the future.


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