Introducing Improved Bullhorn Training


The Bullhorn Academy Makes Training Faster and Easier Than Ever!

Bullhorn understands that recruitment is busy business. Between managing your pipeline, interviewing candidates and the demands of clients, it can be hard to find time to improve your recruitment software knowledge. With this in mind, Bullhorn has revamped its training options for customers. Introducing the
Bullhorn Academy — an online portal designed to get you up to speed with Bullhorn, faster and easier than ever before.

So what’s different about Bullhorn Training?

The main benefit of the Bullhorn Academy is that there are a number of new ways to absorb and book training content. Beyond this, it also consolidates all of Bullhorn’s training material into one organised platform.

While Bullhorn has always offered training webinars, the Bullhorn Academy provides a simpler way to register for public training sessions. Within the portal, users are able to view session times on topics ranging from Bullhorn fundamentals through to more advanced Mastery and Administrator courses. Once you find a time that fits your schedule, you can book and pay for your session online. No need to contact an account manager or sign any documentation!

For those with advanced needs or a preference for personal training, you’re also able to book private sessions with a qualified trainer, at a time that suits your schedule and focused on exactly the areas that meet your requirements.

Before you book any paid training sessions, it’s highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the ever-growing database of free training videos available within the Academy. These resources are categorized as either Foundational, Core or Mastery-level guides and come accompanied with downloadable reference notes. Training has never been so convenient.

A New Way of Thinking About Training

Bullhorn has always invested considerably into research and development. In fact, over $20 Million has been put into product development throughout 2016! For Bullhorn users, this means ever improving product functionality and new innovations to look forward to. However, unless users are making an effort to stay abreast of product updates, it can prove difficult to keep up.

The Bullhorn Academy represents a new way of thinking about training. It ensures that Bullhorn’s drive for rapid innovation is complemented by an equal commitment to customer success. Central to this idea is that training shouldn’t be limited to introducing new users to the platform — it should be a go-to resource for all customers, allowing them to make the most of Bullhorn on an ongoing basis.

Speaking of the changes to Bullhorn training, APAC-based trainer, Matthew Lancey said:

matt_lancey“The Bullhorn Academy ensures that our customers can maintain in-depth internal knowledge of Bullhorn. It’s about empowering users to take their Bullhorn knowledge into their own hands and ultimately use the system to its fullest. This is especially important since Bullhorn is so customisable and since updates are released so regularly.”


So, if you’re already a Bullhorn customer, what are you waiting for? Check out the Bullhorn Academy and start up-skilling on Bullhorn today.

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