First Post

This is my first post to the product blog. I’m Geoff Greene and I’m the Engineering Director at Bullhorn. I run the groups that both keep the website up and deliver the software that is the Bullhorn Application. In my former life I worked for a classic commercial software firm, delivering shrink wrapped software. No website to worry about and nice, long 12 to 18 month release cycles. Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a dramatic change of pace for me, especially at Bullhorn where the focus is on our technological leadership in the market. One of the clear challenges that I face is how to gather and process all the feature requests that come from you, our customers (not to mention the cool new things we dream up internally). At the moment we have only a few ways for those requests to be gathered, either by calling into support or during your contact with other folks here at Bullhorn. From there a ticket is created and put into the system. It’s not an efficient system and we’re not giving you the sense that anything is done with these requests once they are in our hands. New ideas are coming in at an ever increasing rate; at the moment we have over 1000 feature requests! Of course some of these are duplicates or similar requests and no doubt some of them have even been completed. But, by no means is Bullhorn satisfied with our current process for evaluating new feature ideas. Obviously something needs to be done. We need to let you do all the hard work for us!

We’re very close to releasing a new application that will allow Bullhorn customers to directly influence the top features that Bullhorn will add to the product. You’ll do this by voting on new feature ideas. It will make sense for you to search the existing feature requests to see if your idea has already been posted and then vote for it. The application will always show the top features by number of votes. And you’ll be able to drill down by category so it’ll be easy to find pre-existing ideas. You’ll also be able to post comments so that folks can try to persuade the user base of the value of their idea. Ultimately, the goal for this new application is to add some transparency to the methods Bullhorn uses to refine its product and, most importantly, to make sure we’re listening to you. Because, as good as we think Bullhorn already is, we know that it can be even better.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Geoff Greene.

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