Five Surprising Recruitment Facts


Bullhorn’s 2015 APAC Recruitment Trends Report is bursting with information that can give your agency a competitive advantage in a continuously growing industry. We’ve gathered five recruitment facts from this year’s report that might surprise you and, more importantly, help to inform and improve your company’s processes. With data-driven insights from the Bullhorn Trends Report, your agency can take its performance to the next level.

1. 75% of recruitment agencies generated over 50% of their revenue from repeat client business. Although significant, this percentage is actually slightly lower than our counterparts in the US and UK, as APAC agencies seem to have a greater focus on generating new client business.

2. Over the next year, APAC recruitment agencies plan to significantly increase their use of vendor management systems (VMS). 13% of respondents drove 50% or more of their jobs through VMS in 2014, but 28% of respondents plan to do so in 2015.

3. Recruiters placing for the healthcare sector enjoyed the highest hit rate (placements made divided by candidate submissions) with a healthy mark of 47%. Conversely, recruiters for technology experienced a notably worse hit rate of 37%.

4. Agencies with a heavy focus on temporary and contract hiring relied most heavily on their Recruitment CRMs, making over 62% of their placements as a direct result of existing candidates within their systems.

5. 30% of APAC recruitment agencies plan to expand into new branches in 2015. This includes 16% of agencies that plan on expanding into another country. Additionally, large agencies are particularly intent on expansion, as 64% of agencies with 75 or more recruitment consultants and salespeople plan to open new offices in 2015.

For more valuable statistics and insights into the recruiting landscape, download Making Headway: The 2015 APAC Recruitment Trends Report.

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