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Why a CRM System is like a Gym Membership


In today’s age, an important aspect of maintaining proper health and wellness is through physical training and exercise. From helping control weight, to combating health conditions as well as improving mood and energy levels, the benefits of exercise are hard to ignore. But, whilst we often consider the importance of individual health, it’s equally as important to look at the health of our business. Just like individuals need exercise and training programs, businesses need organisational systems in place to run well and ensure ongoing success.  

These systems need to organise the most important asset of any business: their customers (candidates and clients). Customers are the lifeblood of any business – without them, there would be no business to run! Servicing their needs and solving problems is the ultimate objective for a business to survive and thrive.

Individuals have access to proper tools to achieve their exercise goals in the form of gyms, whilst businesses have access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to organise their data and information.

Gyms provide access to equipment that will help with achieving an individual’s exercise requirements, along with personal trainers to assist with one’s fitness journey. Technologies like FitBit further facilitate the fitness journey by tracking physical indicators and provide insights into the attainment of fitness goals.

CRM software provides equivalent tools for managing the customer lifecycle (commonly in the key areas of marketing, sales and support), and the more technologically advanced systems provide tracking abilities much like the FitBit, allowing businesses to better delight their customers with an incredible customer experience.

The caveat with any gym or piece of technology is proper usage and utilisation – their value is in providing all the necessary tools for success, but these tools need to be used so that value from them can be derived. A gym itself won’t make someone fit, and CRM software won’t make your customers happy if it’s not user properly. That is why it is absolutely essential to pick a gym that provides the proper environment, necessary motivation and top of the line equipment to assist in proper and repeat utilisation of the gym. With CRM software, the situation is similar – selecting a CRM system that is easy to use, available via the cloud on any device, and has innovative features such as automation and predictive intelligence. This can make the difference between continued usage and success versus being seen as “just another process tool”.

Whilst they cover two different types of “health and wellness”, there are mere similarities between a CRM system a gym membership:

  • Much like training and physical exercise is needed to stay healthy, keeping a business’s customer information properly organised keeps the business healthy.
  • A gym membership facilitates the training process, and a CRM system facilitates the organisation of customer data for a business.
  • A gym membership that isn’t utilised won’t be able to do the training for individuals, and a CRM system that isn’t utilised won’t be able to organise a business’s customer information and allow for proper management of customer relationships.

The best gyms provide the proper environment and motivation that encourages continued usage of the membership in order to hit fitness goals. Likewise, the best CRM systems provide the necessary technology that encourages continued utilisation and ensures accurate customer data which facilitates great customer relationships.

Do your due diligence, with either a gym or a CRM make sure to pick the one that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals. Find out what 3 things to look for in a modern Recruitment CRM.

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