How Recruiter Insider is Going Global Whilst Remaining Local

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It’s an ultra-small world we live in today. The internet and high-speed broadband have seen to that, and over the last two years, we have spent more time on Zoom and video than we were probably ever comfortable with. What used to take 24 hours to reach the other side of the world now takes seconds.

SaaS (Software as a Service) providers have always pitched themselves as being “global”, but how many truly are? Sure, many have clients in multiple countries, with teams and offices in multiple locations, but does this qualify them as being global? Perhaps, but when I started Recruiter Insider five years ago, I had a different take on this view and wanted to be “global whilst remaining local”.

I spent 18 months in Germany in my late twenties teaching Business English. That experience, whilst fascinating, taught me one crucial lesson: everyone felt much more comfortable in their box/space/zone because of what language they spoke. We may have been in a Business English lesson, but I can tell you that German was spoken just as much, if not more, than English to explain things more naturally between the students, a challenge for me as I didn’t speak a word of German.

So when I founded Recruiter Insider, I knew I wanted to build a company and platform that was global but had the key local elements that made it feel like it was built for those in that location to ultimately show that we understood them.

The difference I felt when saying we are global vs. being “global whilst remaining local” was language; it’s all about language. Our industry is all about relationships and personalisation. Our connection with candidates or clients enhances their experience and builds trust. The more personal we can make it, the more the candidate or client will feel you are on their team.

Language, be it via body language or the spoken/written word, is crucial to ensuring the candidate and client feel (probably the most important word in this whole blog) that connection with you.

So from day one, our first mission was to make Recruiter Insider capable of working with any agency of any size worldwide, help them measure and improve the candidate experience of every candidate globally, and provide agencies with a more personalised and measurable experience.

I am glad to say that mission has now been achieved, and we can now localise every element of our platform. Every candidate in Germany can receive their feedback in German, every consultant in France can see their dashboards in French, every hiring manager reviewing a consultant in Belgium can do so in Flemish. We can now truly personalise and localise the measurement of the candidate and client experience.

We may now live in a “global community”, but we can’t or shouldn’t ever drift away from providing a personalised and localised experience. We are in the people business and how we make people feel is what they will remember. Our mission has always been tied to that of our clients: to provide the best experience we possibly can, personalised and localised.

Our second mission is to measure and improve the candidate experience for every candidate, everywhere. Every candidate matters; every moment matters. What’s your mission?

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