Lean on Me: Bullhorn’s Global Customer Support

Bullhorn’s international support director, Jake Kaya, reveals what it means to offer follow-the-sun support.

One of the major objections businesses have to the cloud is that it’s perceived as an unsupported alternative to bespoke software. With many Software-as-a-Service start-ups this is true; with just a handful of staff and overriding pressure to secure the next sale rather than look after existing customers, how could they possibly provide the right support?

At Bullhorn we’ve spent fourteen years proving that this assumption isn’t true one customer at a time, and as we’ve grown to serve 300,000 users in 150 countries with over 40,000 customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS) users we’ve proven that we’re not only a permanent fixture, but the recruitment software market leader.

For new customers, we provide ongoing global cloud support throughout data migration and implementation to ensure that recruiters adopt and use Bullhorn properly and any teething issues are quickly sorted. And then we are on hand to refresh skills with regular webinars and training sessions a few months down the line. In addition, all customers have 24-hour access to our online resource center, where we have a dedicated team who produce FAQ content, configuration guides, and how-to guides for all of Bullhorn’s core functionality.

For existing users our 2014 commitment is this: we’ll provide you with industry-best levels of support and service wherever you are in the world. That means more support staff, round-the-clock availability, and speedy response times. Whether you’re a new customer we’re supporting as your recruiters learn to adopt Bullhorn as their new ATS/CRM, or an established Bullhorn user with a troubleshooting or billing query, we’re on hand and ready to help.

People on the ground

Follow-the-sun 24/7 global cloud support means we’ve got teams in every region we service. Whether you’re in the UK, Australia, or the United States, if you call during office hours you’re very likely to have a local support person on hand to manage your query. We’re particularly committed to adding more qualified support staff to our APAC and European teams. We’re opening a new dedicated European support center  later this spring which will continue to serve thousands of our European users, and our Australian support team is growing rapidly too.

A quick response

In 2013 we on average answered 80 per cent of calls in two minutes or less. We closely monitor our performance to ensure you get the most out of Bullhorn, and that response times are as low as possible.

You can ask us just about anything

A common misconception we’ve picked up on is that our support service is limited to troubleshooting. This isn’t true! Our support teams can handle your questions and concerns about anything Bullhorn-related. Whether it’s support, a request for additional training, or questions about how to get more out of your products, billing, or contracts, our support teams are there to handle all your queries.

So go on, ask us anything!

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