The Magnificent Seven: Top Tips for Effective Recruitment Marketing


In today’s competitive recruitment sector engaging with the talent – and clients you might need tomorrow as well as the talent and clients you need today has never been more important. And the key to achieving that engagement is through ongoing and effective recruitment marketing campaigns. Your clients completely get this. In fact, according to a report by Aberdeen Group, Converting Candidates, Winning Talent, recruitment marketing is absolutely key to engagement and talent pipelining.

Here are some of our top tips for effective recruitment marketing.  

  1. Use your CRM: We have blogged before about account based marketing and how your CRM can help you to segment audiences so that you are delivering the right messages and applying a strategic approach to your recruitment marketing.
  2. Align marketing and sales: Recruitment marketing should be about lead generation – not just brand promotion so make sure you have a process in place for measurement – open rates for your mailers, clicks through to your website, engagement through your social media channels.
  3. Review your followers: So you have a LinkedIn page and a Twitter account but who is following you, who is engaging with you and are they relevant? Don’t just collect followers – analyse who they are on a regular basis and make sure you add them to your CRM if they could be a future prospect.
  4. Hit that like and share button: And make sure everyone else does. If you are posting out great content, then obviously you want it to reach the widest audience possible. Make sure everyone in the business is liking and sharing to make that happen!
  5. Use the waterfall effect: So you have had a client or candidate event – make sure you are leveraging every possible recruitment marketing opportunity. Turn the outputs from that event into a white paper, a blog, a press release, an infographic, a video, a podcast…. you get the idea!
  6. Get data from your CRM: Your CRM is a mine of information. Recruiters have access to data on salaries; on skills in demand; on regional variations; on gender…think about the great content you could produce from that and what you could do with it.
  7.  Stay front of mind: And become a thought leader – and a valuable resource. Regular marketing mailers can keep you in your target market’s peripheral vision – but make sure that the mailer adds value rather than sells – and that it has a call to action – a download to a white paper or report for example.

Recruitment marketing is not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s now business critical. It is an investment – not a cost – an investment you should be making now before it’s too late.

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