Managing the Full Recruitment Lifecycle with Bullhorn

With the introduction of Bullhorn VMS Access, Bullhorn now has the products to serve the entire recruiting cycle of an agency. From winning clients to sourcing candidates and onboarding new hires, Bullhorn’s suite of products can optimize the recruitment lifecycle.

1. Win Clients – Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn’s cloud-based recruitment CRM will enable you to broaden your customer base and build on existing accounts from anywhere, at any time. With instant visibility into all client activity, you team will create and close job orders faster than ever.

2. Get Jobs – Bullhorn VMS Access

This cloud-based subscription service connects over 40 VMS solutions to CRM systems such as Bullhorn, and works for staffing firms of all sizes, working on any volume of job orders. It helps you work faster by automatically loading and updating requisitions from vendor management systems like Fieldglass and parsing the information directly into your CRM. You can also filter requisitions by agency-defined parameters to focus only on the requisitions that fit your business.

3. Recruit Candidates – Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System and Bullhorn Reach

Recruiters need a powerful, streamlined applicant tracking system in order to make a placement quickly and beat the competition. Bullhorn S Release (the latest version of the ATS and CRM) can search 100 million candidates in less than half a second, getting you the best candidates in an instant. Our True Cloud applicant tracking software fits the specific needs of today’s recruiting professionals who are always on-the-go. Additionally, Bullhorn Reach can help recruiters post jobs and find qualified candidates via social networks.

4. Onboard New Hires – Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding

Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding is an electronic new hire document management solution that was built exclusively for staffing firms, and can decrease new hire onboarding time by up to 60%. By digitally tracking the progress of each placement’s documents, you can automatically send reminders to candidates who have outstanding paperwork to help speed up the onboarding process. Your firm will benefit by easily creating paperwork from existing Bullhorn data, and avoiding compliance issues with secure document storage.

5. Manage Assignments – Bullhorn Back Office

Automating manual, time-consuming back office tasks with Bullhorn Back Office will help lower costs by up to 75%, save your company time, and help get you paid faster by streamlining manual tasks and eliminating costly human error. Bullhorn Back Office will enable you to get client approvals faster, send multiple invoices at the same time, and will streamline your internal payroll processes.

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