Bullhorn Live 2014: The Rise of Mobile Recruiting

Dave Martin, CTO of Three Sparks Global, began the session with the statement that “we are now in the age of devices.”  Mobile web adoption is growing exponentially.  Today, 40% of job seeker traffic originates from a mobile device.  Dave predicts that in another 12 months mobile will be the primary source of job seeker traffic among online job boards.  The fact that 70% of people don’t leave home without their mobile device exemplifies the fact that mobile is everywhere.

A breakdown of the talent acquisition channels reveals that 75% of social media users connect using mobile, 65% of all email is opened on a mobile phone, and 20%-45% of advertising recruitment web traffic is on a mobile device. The problem with mobile for job seekers is that recruiters close the door on talent using mobile web. The talent pool is leaking; recruiters are losing candidates due to their job postings’ inaccessibility on mobile devices. Mobile recruiting experiences a 40% failure rate because candidates abandon their applications after experiencing technical difficulties.  This high failure rate exemplifies the broken candidate funnel which hemorrhages £3 billion annually. To cater to a market of mobile candidates, the staffing and recruiting industry must make mobile recruiting application websites easy to navigate, intuitive to use, speedy, and accessible across all devices.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Samantha McPhall.

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