Creating Open Collaboration for Recruiters


Open collaboration and internal transparency is imperative for any organisation. But perhaps even more so for those in the recruitment industry.

As a recruitment consultant, it is fair to say that one of your most all-consuming day-to-day tasks is to manage existing client projects.  You rely on a constant stream of ongoing activity, with multiple stakeholders contributing in various different ways, at various different stages, towards the same hiring project. Inevitably, this collaboration means the status of the placement and overall health of the account is going to be in a constant state of flux.

In order to perform to your full capability, you need to stay abreast of this: what are the particular needs of that account?; who is in contact with who?; and who has the most influence within the account? If you obtain complete visibility into all communication and collaboration, you should be able to leverage your organization’s knowledge and established relationships for your own consulting benefit.

The ideal situation is a single interface that provides a holistic view of each account, with consistently up-to-date information. For all intents and purposes, spreadsheets should do the job. But how realistic is it that your spreadsheets are up-to-date with all the relevant account information and communication tracking? Recruitment consultants have enough on their plate as it is without adding hours of mundane data entry into the mix (lest we forget that you also have to generate new business opportunities…).

Bullhorns Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are designed specifically for recruitment agencies who need open collaboration to function at their best. Our Recruitment CRM provides:

  • Automatic and passive email tracking.
  • Real time insight into overall account health, project status, and relationships.
  • A centralised platform for the entire organisation.
  • Mobile functionality for access on-the-go.
  • Proactive intelligence providing actionable insight via our innovative Pulse software.

Pulse_222x218Bullhorn’s easy-to-use recruitment software allows you to collaborate and share intelligence with minimal effort. By adopting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed specifically for recruitment consultants, you’ll be able to focus time and energy on what really matters.

At Bullhorn, we understand the challenges that recruiters face, to find out more about recruitment communications automation, download our free report ‘A Closer Look at Bullhorn Pulse‘.


If you would like to know more about how to leverage your agency’s knowledge for success, get in touch for a personal demonstration.

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