How to Boost Recruiter Productivity with Technology [Infographic]


The average recruiter wastes more than ten hours every week that they could be spending on candidates and clients. How can you get more time back into your day? Consider investing in or integrating new technology, particularly the cloud, into your established processes. Check out the infographic from 8×8 below for recruiter productivity by the numbers and how you can make the most out of your time and resources.  


*Data in the infographic is based on research conducted by 8×8, Inc.

How can you use this data to see real improvements in your recruiter productivity? Here are five takeaways from the infographic:

1) Make the most of analytics

Track call volumes to get a better picture of how your business is running by identifying what times of the day you see spikes in inbound or outbound calls. Better understanding trends within your business can help you identify ways to make your consultants more productive and decrease your time to revenue.

2) Take advantage of CRM integrations

Choose the right technology partner with pre-built integrations in your business to provide an instant productivity boost. This ensures your calls and CRM systems are working together providing you with a single view of all your clients and candidates. You’ll increase productivity as you’ll not only be able to see who’s calling but also the individual’s history before taking the call.

3) Incorporate video conferencing

Video conferencing is now a valuable tool for any recruiter, especially being able to conference on the go, using any device. Cutting down on travel time for meetings can bring real business benefits. Carrying out first stage interviews via video allows recruiters to gauge whether a candidate is suitable, before wasting time and money traveling. Choose technology that is flexible and will deliver high resolution anywhere; whether you’re using Wi-Fi, public internet or a mobile connection.

4) Embrace remote working

Sixty-three percent of recruiters are worried about working away from the office in case they miss vital calls. Imagine, being able to pick up office calls anywhere, from any device, with no additional costs. Cloud technology can really enhance a working environment regardless of your location. Having the same number and features available to every consultant anywhere in the world enables true remote working capabilities, fit for the millennial workforce.

5) Use call recording

Make sure your teams have the ability to playback past calls, not only to ensure teams are performing to a high standard but also to use when training new employees. Employees and team leaders also have the added benefit to coach through difficult situations and support in live conversation if needed.

 About the Author: Brendan Maree, Vice President of Asia Pacific, is based in Sydney, Australia, and is responsible for expanding on 8×8’s initial success in Australia and New Zealand to grow the company’s presence within the Asia-Pacific region. He joins the company from Interactive Intelligence where he most recently served as Senior Vice President of Japan, Australia and New Zealand, helping the company dramatically increase revenue and market share in the region during his tenure. Maree formerly held sales leadership positions at IPL Communications, Mobile Coverage Solutions and Andrew Corporation.

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