Bullhorn and the Winter Olympics of Recruiting

Nothing is more frustrating than missing out on something by just a few seconds; especially when there is a controllable variable that causes this miss. Downhill ski racing is a great example of where even a few hundredths of a second can be the difference between winning and losing. As ‘Ricky Bobby,’ Will Ferrell’s character from Talladega Nights, would say, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

If you have watched any of the downhill ski racing in the Winter Olympics, you too surely have noticed just how close the races can be.  When you put together a group of people who are the best at what they do, even the smallest variable can make or break a gold medal run. If the skier slips up around a turn or even uses the wrong wax on their skis, it could create enough of a deficit to cost them the victory.

Working in the staffing/recruiting industry and racing to fill job orders can be similar.  Although recruiters are not flying down a mountain on skis at 80mph, they are constantly being held up by slow databases or additional processes. In fact, according to “The Ultimate Revenue Roadmap,” the average recruiter loses 50 minutes a day to avoidable interruptions. If they aren’t the first to submit a qualified candidate to a job order, the chances of placing that candidate drops drastically.  When recruiting speed is a factor, it is critical that an agency’s database, email, and applicant tracking system all work in perfect harmony.  Much like the skiers’ job, the recruiters’ job is also dependent on a seamless execution of process.

No one likes missing out on a big win, or any win for that matter, and this is why we have spent so much time making our newest version of Bullhorn the fastest.  We want to help you be the first to submit your candidates to any job order.  We’ve worked to make Bullhorn the fastest true cloud ATS and CRM solution available. Not only will Bullhorn never be the variable that causes you to miss out on submitting a candidate first, we’ll help you maximize your recruiting speed.  Save time on the decision making process, make more placements and let Bullhorn be your strategic advantage.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Ben Turcotte.

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