Software Updates the True Cloud Way

Even just the mention of a “software update” makes some staffing firm managers nervous, usually thanks to painful experiences upgrading client-server or hosted systems in years past.
Recruitment firms that choose true software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions need not worry about software updates any more than running out of mimeograph paper or floppy disks. SaaS updates differ fundamentally from the painful upgrade MIGRATIONS required by the client-server/hosted vendors that caused so much past suffering. Instead of those painful memories, think about your experience with updates to LinkedIn or Google Apps. For example, last month LinkedIn began rolling out a new and improved Inbox across its user base. Does anyone have to get their IT team involved, buy new hardware, write a big check or do without LinkedIn for days or weeks? Of course not! That’s the magic of multi-tenant SaaS.
Instead of having to manage separate software instances for each client, multi-tenant software platforms allow vendors like LinkedIn and Bullhorn to securely support many clients from a shared software instance. This enables us to update software easily and frequently, without charge and without clients having to do the work. It’s like getting paid by direct deposit every week instead of having to rent an armored car to bring home your cash once every three years.
Furthermore, users always have the latest and greatest features. And good SaaS platforms provide robust APIs and configuration tools which enable clients to accommodate their unique business processes without paying for dead-end customizations that require re-implementation during software upgrades.
So if you’re using a true cloud recruitment software provider like Bullhorn, stop worrying about big upgrade fees or your staffing business grinding to a halt. Instead, kick back and enjoy the higher productivity and faster revenue growth that continuously improving software-as-a-service enables.
This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Andrew Hally.

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