Support Forum Spotlight

The ability to administer and configure Bullhorn to your company’s specific needs is one of the best benefits of Bullhorn. Are you trying to change the options in a drop-down list and need a resource to refer to? Are you wondering how to add more skills to the skill picker in Bullhorn? Do you have questions about setting up People Templates? Then check out the Bullhorn Administration Forum.

The Bullhorn Administration forum is a way for Bullhorn users to connect with each other, and knowledgeable resources within Bullhorn, to answer questions regarding administering, customizing and maintaining the Bullhorn application. With more than 50 topics and over 100 individual posts, this forum is a goldmine of information, whether you are just getting started with Bullhorn, or have been an administrator for years. The Bullhorn Administration Forum can help you maximize your experience by providing helpful tips, best practices, peer-to-peer support and direct answers to administration questions (including the questions above). Best of all, the forum is free for all Bullhorn users. Simply select the Bullhorn Support Forums option on your Support menu. And the Administration forum is just the begriming. Forums exist for a wide range of tops, from API Integration, to Wireless Sync. Forums are updated daily, so you always have access to the latest and greatest information. Additionally, you can subscribe to a topic and be automatically emailed when that topic is updated – a great way to keep up with changes in Bullhorn. Hundreds of topics, thousands of posts, and the entire Bullhorn Community at your fingertips… Support Forums are just one more way we help you Live In Bullhorn.

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