As a supplier of contingent labour, you face unique challenges at the intersection of speed and complexity. Having sophisticated candidate search and match technology in your recruitment CRM is critical to identifying the right candidates quickly, but your responsibilities to the client and your contractors don’t end with a placement. You still need to train your contractors, onboard them, pay them, and bill your clients.

Whether you focus solely on temp and contract recruitment, or it is one of many services you provide, Bullhorn sales, operations, and recruitment software can help improve your agency’s productivity:

  •  Account and job order management: The industry-leading Bullhorn sales CRM streamlines your sales process with patent-pending relationship tracking technology that intelligently centralises multiple prospect communication streams so your consultants can readily capture new opportunities.
  • New business anytime, anywhere: Bullhorn’s mobile sales CRM capabilities give consultants access to client, prospect, and job order information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.
  • Candidate sourcing: Bullhorn’s full suite of sourcing solutions includes social recruitment product Bullhorn Reach and the first recruitment-specific CRM integration with LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Recruitment CRM: Speed is imperative in temp and contract placement. Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM is the fastest solution on the market and is built to make your consultants maximally efficient. It requires 40% fewer clicks than other CRM solutions, results in 43% more placements, and can search 100 million candidate records in less than half a second.
  • Business intelligence: Built-in dashboards and reporting extend the power of Bullhorn’s sales CRM and recruitment CRM solutions even further – allowing consultants and delivery teams to anticipate and forecast customer needs and uncover new opportunities at each stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • VMS integration: Does your team log into vendor management systems, find which new and updated job orders are relevant, cut-and-paste the information into the sales CRM, and assign it out – only to be blindsided when the requisition closes while your recruitment consultants are still working on it? There’s a better way. Bullhorn VMS Access automatically parses only relevant new and updated job orders into your database and alerts consultants via email, empowering your team to fill reqs before your competitors do.

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