Ask a Customer: How Should I Onboard New Recruiters?

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We love dishing out recruitment advice—whether it’s how to best use Bullhorn or which KPIs you should use to measure your agency’s performance—but we’re not the only recruitment experts in town. In fact, our customers are bonafide experts, too. In this series, we ask some of our most pressing questions to top recruitment pros. 

You’re only as good as your team. If your recruiters and salespeople aren’t ramped up efficiently, it can become impossible to meet your goals. So what actually matters in the onboarding process? We asked recruitment experts—our customers—to weigh in.

When recruitment agencies onboard new salespeople/recruiters, where should they spend more time in the onboarding process?

In the onboarding process, they should spend the most time ensuring the candidate has a smooth onboarding and keep the candidate informed about updates as they occur.” — Daria Gourianova

Go into the benefits. I say this because you want to get them interested in the company. Tell them about what the company is offering and go in-depth.” —Isaac Castelan

Our company does a week-long boot camp for new staff. We go over every aspect of the role, focusing on our processes. This gives them confidence when they finally take their desk and start work.” — Valerie Anderson

For any new hire, the company should design a checklist to ensure accuracy throughout the onboarding process. There is nothing more more frustrating than missing data or incorrect information on someone’s forms. A new hire should have a thorough, yet easy-to-follow guide on what to review and how to identify any potential errors. Always stress accuracy and the importance of proper data entry.” — Gary Fiore

Training on qualification questions. I’m now on the corporate side of things and I’ve realised that most recruitment agencies don’t teach a lot of their entry-level recruiters the nuances of recognising good vs decent vs great candidates.” — Radhika Arora

Agencies need to focus more on culture. If you can integrate new staff into a team focused on continuously learning and collaborating across departments, they will bring those same principles with them when they engage with your clients and candidates. In such a competitive market, it is critical that your team knows how each role you’re supporting fits into the business. This can only be done through constant, team effort.” — Matt Brosseau

“A thorough interview process that includes testing is appropriate. I have done small tests that include resume assessments and mock interviews that will assess the candidate’s ability to screen a candidate and think on their feet.” — Marnie Pertsinidis

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