Build with Billy: Automate Candidate Onboarding and Engagement Using Herefish

automate candidate onboarding

Want to revolutionise your placed candidate experience? With Herefish, you can reduce contract turnover, increase referrals, and gain insights on how to improve and gain testimonials. Check out how to automate candidate onboarding and new hire touchpoints and gauge candidate experience in this Build with Billy video.

How to Onboard and Engage New Hires Using Herefish

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Add Automation, select ‘Onboard and Engage New Hires via Email’ under Blueprints.
  2. Click Save and your automation will appear with pre-populated settings.
  3. Click Automation Settings in the top right-hand corner and rename your automation based on who you would like to target.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In this Blueprint, email is the default communication method. If you’d like to add a new communication method like texting, click the plus sign under Automation Enrollment to add a new step where you’d like it to be chronologically.
  6. Click Send Text and customise your outreach.
  7. You can customise the blueprint further by editing the other existing steps, such as send dates, email content, etc.

This blueprint is built for contractors, but you may want to adjust the timeframes to fit your business case as you customise this workflow for your company.


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