Why Bullhorn Analytics Has Made Data Analytics Even More Accessible for Recruitment Agencies

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COVID-19 has forced many recruitment leaders to reevaluate their strategy. In the absence of reliable real-time insights to inform the decision-making process, experience tells us that identifying the best opportunities and ensuring everyone across your company is actively implementing your sales and recruiting strategy can be a challenge.

The most common problem we see during the implementation stage of Bullhorn Analytics with new customers is their reporting capability is made up of lots of laborious, manual tasks which are not scalable or repeatable. With a lack of real-time access to company performance data, it’s no wonder that identifying opportunity and adapting strategy can be tough.

“Progressive agencies are looking to unlock the analytical insights within their data, to educate their go-forward plans”, commented Joe McGuire, Global Sales Director, Bullhorn Analytics.

But why is it only when times are tough that people look towards data? If analytical insights can help your business survive or even thrive during a downturn, then imagine what they could do for your business in a healthy market?

Whilst many agencies found themselves in a position where they wanted and needed to unlock insights on how to best drive consultants, pipeline health and where opportunities across clients could be leveraged – we found ourselves faced with a demand for business insight paired with an industry feeling the effects of a pandemic.

That’s why we decided to introduce cubeLite and cubeX to accompany cubeEnterprise, part of a new tiered package structure, offering compacted versions of our data analytics platform at a significantly lower cost to support recruitment leaders in managing remote teams and increasing the productivity per head at a time when an agency needs it most.

Jodie Rickett, APAC Sales Manager, Bullhorn Analytics commented; “Now Bullhorn customers of all sizes and stages of data maturity can find the right pathway into understanding and leveraging their data with a package that suits them.”

cubeLite includes our premium feature OneView, which can be seen here.

The individualised OneView dashboards make data-driven decisions easy and ensure that your people use their time on the most valuable tasks. Increased job coverage, improved contractor/temp redeployment rates and increased GP per head are all achievable with your current team if you truly harness the insights within your own data.

Levelling up to cubeX, includes access to additional modules, such as our highest-rated and utilised feature, JobsPipeline.

Jobs Pipeline provides real-time, automated insights on live jobs and which actions need to be taken next to ensure the best chance of successful placement, so you know which ones need attention and which ones look most likely to close. Everyone can see the stage, value and activity against jobs which removes subjectiveness from pipeline conversations, improves forecasting ability and contributes to an increased fill rate. This module has been particularly utilised over the past 6 months with many industries finding themselves more job short than before.

That’s only highlighting 2 of our 6 modules that all combine tailored gamification with powerful, high-quality, real-time data to drive excellent CRM adoption.

For full details of the functionality included within each edition, along with our Bullhorn customer prices, click here.

Here’s what our customers have to say…

With Bullhorn Analytics we can drill into every metric to get much more detailed information and get answers to all our questions in just a few clicks. It saves us a significant amount of time.
Mathew Westcott, Managing Director Fuse Recruitment
Bullhorn Analytics has made our transition to a 100% remote workforce seamless and easy. To say we’d be flying blind without it is an understatement. At the highest level, it gave us the confidence to not panic. We've been through a couple of these other recessions, and we know what we need to do to get out of it. We did all the usual cost-cutting you'd expect but we stopped short at cutting staff. We stayed calm and made a commitment to ourselves and our team and said 'as long as things stay above this line, we're going to keep all of you employed.
Dave Smith, COO and Co Founder Triple Crown Consulting

If you want to learn more about how we are assisting Bullhorn customers in utilising the system, improving data quality and engaging with the data available to them – then please book a demo with Jodie today.



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