Real-Time Analytics for Growing Recruitment Agencies

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Are you looking for a centralised view of your business’s performance data? Do you want to empower your recruiters to meet more candidates at the right moment?

With Bullhorn Analytics Growth Edition, everyone can tap into the data they need, when they need it to become more efficient in their activities everyday. Users of Bullhorn Analytics Growth Edition have seen a 39% increase in average billings, a 15% gross margin boost, and a 134% increase in contractor redeployment rate.

Watch this session recording to learn how to easily leverage your data with Bullhorn Analytics Growth Edition to:

  • Make more informed business decisions with a real-time, actionable view of sales and recruiting performance
  • Maximise margins and make placements faster by enabling peak recruiter performance and efficiency
  • Improve your value to clients by automatically identifying revenue opportunities that enhance the client experience and help build long-term relationships.

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