The Easy Way to Spring Clean Duplicate Records in Your Database


As records are input, migrated, and manipulated, duplicate records in your CRM become inevitable—but agencies often don’t realise the extent of how many duplicates are in their system. It’s estimated that between 10 – 15% of records fall into this category, which is enough to cause problems.

But how harmful are duplicate records really to your business? Very, is the answer! Here’s why:

  1. Wasted time and lost revenue: Duplicate records make it harder to find and be confident about the record that you want. This results in longer communication time with suitable candidates which in turn increases the potential for lost revenue.
  2. Inaccurate reporting: To create reports that show reliable data you need to make sure your data is in good shape. One of the major things that can impact the quality of your reports is duplicate data!
  3. Automations that ‘don’t work’: We’re seeing significant investment into ATS automation, but agencies are often disappointed with the outputs. The problem usually stems not from the automations themselves, but the data that these are based on. By removing duplicates, you’re giving your automations a better chance at success.

Fixing duplicate records doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or costly. If you don’t have a process for managing duplicate records in your Bullhorn database, now’s the time to start! Thankfully, deduping records has never been easier, quicker, or more affordable. Lee Godwin, Relationship Manager at Kyloe Partners, shows you how in this short video.



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