Everything You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Automation


Are you wondering how you can better harness the power of recruitment automation to help your recruiters become more productive?

Whether you’re new to automation or a seasoned pro, you’re not alone. We’ve seen a massive increase in the implementation and use of automation. According to Bullhorn data, in 2017, there were only one million automations being run on the platform throughout the whole year. Fast forward to today and we’re seeing 3.2 million automations per day! It’s projected our customers will hit over one billion automations using Bullhorn Automation in 2022.

In May, Bullhorn’s Hugh Catterall, Global Account Specialist, Enterprise and Nathan Green, Senior Solutions Consultant presented the session—Everything You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Automation—at Engage Sydney 2022. They detailed the path to automation, the benefits of automating, and highlighted four unique automations to enhance your candidate experience and make your team more productive. Read the highlights below or watch the session recording here.

Automation Adoption Curve

The automation adoption curve consists of five main sections—innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. The APAC region falls in the early majority phase. This is a good phase to start using automation as you’re at a competitive advantage compared to other agencies.

Hugh said, “within APAC, we’ve seen a huge uptake in automation compared to the rest of the globe.” He puts this down to two main reasons, “In Australia and New Zealand there’s very high costs of labour, being able to automate low-value administrative tasks has a lot more value to our region.” He continues, “there’s also a greater appetite in this region than I’ve seen in any other region to get ahead and get your hands on new tech.”

The Digital Transformation Journey

The Digital Transformation Journey is made up of three main steps:

  1. Digitise – to deliver better customer service, reduce mistakes, and redeploy headcount
  2. Automate – to reduce manual activity and out run the competition
  3. Empower – your candidates to engage via self service

The first step is to digitise all your data into a cloud based system like Bullhorn ATS, then you’ll be able to automate actions. “If the data doesn’t exist, how are you supposed to automate on it?”, Hugh highlighted.

In the opening keynote session at Engage Sydney, Jeff Neumann, Bullhorn’s VP Product Marketing spoke about the many different ways people want to be interacted with today and how we must count for generational differences and motivations. Empower your candidates to engage with you when and how they want to, allowing them to improve their own experience through the recruiting journey.

Four Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Automation

These four automations will help you streamline processes and increase productivity while enhancing your candidate experience.

1. AI Automatic Job Matching

Powered by AI and machine learning, this enables you to match candidates to jobs. Leverage this to give control and time back to consultants as they can provide feedback on the quality of candidates matched to jobs. “It’s [about] taking that low hanging fruit, the tasks that are important to have done but not necessarily important to have a human do, automating them. Then bringing the recruiter in when it makes sense”, Nathan stated.

Imagine a scenario where your recruiters get notified about candidates matched to a job via email and this information is automatically added to the job record in Bullhorn. While this is happening, use automation to reach out to candidates to see if they are interested or available to take on the role.

Watch the session recording here to learn exactly how you can make this possible at your agency.

2. Escalating Notifications

If you’re using automation now, you probably already know you can send automatic email reminders to your team asking them to complete specific work. The tasks may be related to gathering compliance needs, or as simple as updating a candidate field. But what if these are forgotten or ignored?

You can use escalating notifications to keep your team accountable and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Here’s how it would work:

Send 1st email notification -> Wait 3 days -> Send 2nd reminder notification with recruitment manager included (access this via the email settings) -> Wait 3 days -> Send final reminder email with recruitment manager and executive leadership included.

3. Dynamic Logic

People often have to change according to the stimulus or situation around them. This should be no different when using automation. Use Bullhorn Automation’s dynamic branch logic to respond to candidate actions and responses in a logical way. Nathan says, “visually represent the conversations you’re having with people and make them make sense.” See this in action here.

4. Chatbot

Bullhorn Automation’s new chatbot feature allows you to conversationally communicate with people at different stages of their journey. The chatbot is directly run from your recruiting database meaning the information candidates provide to the chatbot such as updated details, calendar meeting requests and all other answers can be pushed back into Bullhorn. This automatically updates their candidate record. This allows recruiters to take actions immediately. Nathan urges recruiters to “craft different journeys based on responses from people but [make sure] it’s specific to your agency.” Please note: Chatbot is due to be released end of July 2022. If you want to learn more about our new automation chatbot feature now, reach out to our team today.

Watch the session recording here or if you’re interested in tickets for Engage 2023, please register your interest.

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