Two New Bullhorn Mobile Features Are on the Way!


Since the launch of our new Bullhorn Mobile app, we’ve been seeing many of our customers manage their sales and recruiting operations while away from the office. We are continuing to make improvements and add features to the mobile app to make it a powerful tool you can take anywhere.

We’re excited to announce two new features making their way to the Bullhorn Mobile app over the next few months! These new features will add the ability for users to add and edit their Appointments and Tasks. These are two crucial features in managing a successful recruiting team no matter where you are.

Full control of your appointments from the palm of your hand

Coming later this month is the capability to fully manage your appointments in Bullhorn Mobile. For those out in the field meeting clients or prospects, being able to manage your schedule is of the utmost importance. However, having to manage your calendar from your computer can cause delays or missed opportunities to adjust your day. The ability to add and edit your Appointments in-app means you can manage your schedule within Bullhorn.



Combined with the other functionality found in Bullhorn Mobile, this makes it easier for you to set up follow-up meetings or tend to any emergencies. No longer will you need to rush back to your desk or delay scheduling an interview or client meeting.

And with the ability to edit your appointments, you can make changes to a variety of facets to the meeting. Need to provide an agenda, additional context, or include more attendees? Updating your appointments can now easily be done in Bullhorn Mobile.

Manage your tasks at a moment’s notice

Being away from your desk, especially if you have a travel-heavy schedule, can make it difficult to keep your tasks organised. Coming later this fall, Bullhorn Mobile will add support for adding and editing Tasks!

In the whirlwind of recruiting, speed and agility are paramount in placing ideal candidates before they sign another offer or before a competitor takes the open req. To keep up with the fast-paced work, organisation is absolutely key. But spending time organising your work can take away from important calls, sourcing candidates, or interviewing.




The new Task functionality in Bullhorn Mobile helps you stay organised without it impeding your ability to successfully make placements. While moving from a candidate interview to your desk, you can plan out all of your follow-up tasks during the walk over.

The Future of Bullhorn Mobile

We are constantly working to make the Bullhorn Mobile app a powerful and easy-to-use tool. These new features are simply the next step in making it a reality.

You can download the Bullhorn Mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


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