Quarterly Release Roundup: Q3 2022

product updates

With plenty of product updates each month, it can be challenging to keep up with what’s new inside Bullhorn. To make sure you’re up-to-date with the most recent enhancements, we’ve compiled a list of the top product updates from the last quarter so you can make the most out of your investment in Bullhorn. 

Read on for a roundup of the product updates and enhancements we released in Q3 of 2022.

Updates to Bullhorn ATS & CRM

Bullhorn ATS


  • Submission Slide Out Comment Field: The Submission slide out was updated so that when adding a Client Submission a user can enter a comment that will be saved and displayed appropriately.
  • Submission Status Update on Popup Comment Field: When a user updates a submission from the Submissions List View and selects ‘Change Submission Status’ the comment field is now available on the pop-up form.
  • List for Placement Housing Complex: Novo clients are now able to use the Placement Housing Complex. Users can add/edit/view/delete Housing Complex records on a Placement. This is helpful for clients who need to track housing information for their placements. Clients must be using the Housing Complex module, and the following Entitlements must be enabled for the clients to utilise Placement Housing Complex functionality:
    • Add Placement Housing
    • Delete Placement Housing
    • Edit Placement Housing
    • View Placement Housing
  • Advanced Search: We are providing enhanced search functionality to Novo Lists within Bullhorn. All customers with access to the following lists will be able to use this feature: Billable Charges, Payable Charges, and Invoice.

S Release

  • Data Loader – Additional Entities and Fields: Data Loader has added additional entities for users to upload and download (General Ledger Segment 1-5 / General Ledger Service Code and Person Custom Objects 11-25).
  • Add Bullhorn Time & Expense Sync Status Fields to Placement Field Maps: 2 new fields have been added  to Field Maps under the Placement entity that will store the following information on a Placement record:
    • bteSyncStatus: The sync status of that placement being pushed to Bullhorn Time & Expense
    • lastBteSyncDate: The last date and time that placement record was synced to Bullhorn Time and Expense.
  • Publish to SEEK We have enhanced our APAC market’s SEEK job board offering, including the following enhancements and features:
    • New and improved modern form redesign
    • Dynamic Ad Pricing based on job location and category
    • Job Specific Questionnaires
    • Support for the latest SEEK APIs
  • Added a BTE Sync Status Fields to Dataloader: Bullhorn users are now able to view BTE Sync Status and Last BTE Sync Date data in their replicated Data Mirror 8 database allowing them to have access to all of their data as well as send their data to their data warehouse.
  • Data Mirror 8 with Entity Model Streaming: Data Mirror 8 with EMS is now available. We welcome all clients to work with their support representative for the free upgrade. Major enhancements include:
    • Entity Model Streaming
    • Detects schema changes automatically for new entities (minimal re-seeds). 
    • Align data to API schema thus, avoiding field mismatches and preventing errors from manual updates.
    • Improved Self-Healing
    • Validate that records that were selected for self-healing are synched; report and alert Bullhorn.
  • API Object: Company Name has been added to the associates on the API object for Location and can be used in field interactions.
  • Process Column: We’ve added functionality to make it easier for users to find the relevant records within the Process column in the Issues list. A new search bar, filter options, and the ability to multi-select the filter values was added. We also resolved an issue where values were not generated from the filter option as expected. These enhancements will allow Payroll Specialists to view and sort the values that actively exist within their Process column filter without the need for navigating through a long list of issues to find what they’re looking for.
  • Add Note Template Page: To help improve readability for international clients, we have localised the Field names on the Add Note Template page so that the fields are automatically translated based on a user’s Local setting.
  • Calling and Texting: Bullhorn users with TextUs and/or a third-party click-to-call application enabled can now click on the TextUs icon of a candidate, contact, or lead to send a text message and can also click on the phone number of a candidate, contact, or lead to make a phone call.

Product Updates for Bullhorn VMS Sync

Bullhorn VMS

VMS Sync

  • PageUpPeople: VMS Sync now integrates with PageUpPeople VMS credentials.
  • Simplify VMS v2: Added support for URL variants.
  • Add Position Attachments to ATS: We restored attachment upload functionality for Dotstaff reqs. All documents present on a VMS req are expected to attach to the corresponding ATS Job.
  • Vector VMS/PeopleFluent Attachments: VMS Sync now supports VectorVMS req attachments. VMS files are expected to deliver to the ATS, as they contain additional job details or forms required for candidate submission.

VMS Sync Submittals

  • VMS Submittal Error Normalisation: VMS Sync Submittals now provides user-friendly error messages with actionable resolution instructions.
  • PIXID – birth_place – Missing Key or Value: Added support for new required field Country of Birth

Bullhorn Automation Product Updates

Bullhorn Automation

  • Sync improvements: Sync infrastructure has been upgraded for Notes Entity with Bullhorn ATS.
  • Meet the Moment Enhancements: Several updates for a more consistent user experience, including:
    • Updated the browser tab icon to reflect the new logo
    • Updated standard text to reflect the new Automation Branding in Library Content & Test SMS Messages
    • Cleaned up inconsistencies & resolution with a new ATS style header
  • Salesforce Integration: New tool allows Customer Success to manage the upload of file configurations during implementation instead of relying upon developers.
  • Field Validation: Added field validation on the Automated Import Configuration Tool to allow for more accurate mapping.
  • Data Type Validation: Added data type validation on initial import for field configurations to ensure more seamless implementation.

Bullhorn Analytics Product Updates

Bullhorn Analytics

  • Meet the Moment Branding: For a better and more consistent user experience, we have completed the new light mode theme in Admin settings in Bullhorn Analytics.  All analytics users can toggle between light and dark mode for the full experience.
  • New Metric Editing “Safety Net” Functionality: As metrics are changed, new functionality offers improved overall system performance:
    • Limiting simple sum metrics, overriding time frame protection, and test timing thresholds will ensure metric performance remains efficient. 
    • Internal monitoring of overall system performance provides better visibility for future opportunities for enhancement and scalability. 
    • New metrics progress bar and cancel button gives users more control.

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