Quarterly Release Roundup: Q3 2019

Bullhorn product updates


We’re constantly rolling out Bullhorn product updates and enhancements and we’re excited to share them with you through the quarterly release roundup! In our Q3 2019 roundup, we have Jeff Neumann, VP of Product Marketing at Bullhorn, introducing the release of the auto-fill functionality in Bullhorn Onboarding, localisation and internationalisation improvements to Bullhorn ATS & CRM, and improvements to the user experience while adding notes against a candidate resume in the ATS.

Auto-fill Functionality | Bullhorn Onboarding

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the auto-fill functionality in Bullhorn Onboarding. Candidates will now enter information upfront once, which will flow across the rest of their documents to populate the appropriate fields without the candidate having to reenter information on each document. This will help candidates fill out forms faster and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Dashboard Cards and Standard Reports | Bullhorn ATS & CRM

To better support the needs of our customers across Europe and APAC as well as our multinational Enterprise customers, we’ve made a number of additional localisation and internationalisation improvements to Bullhorn ATS & CRM, including updates to Dashboard Cards and Standard Reports. Dashboard and Slideout cards can now be translated for each user, ensuring every user can utilise our real-time analytics and reports in their native language. Our standard reports on Job, Recruiting, Sales, Placement, and Note Activity are also now available in Spanish, German, French, and Dutch.

Adding Notes Against a Candidate Resume | Bullhorn ATS

To make adding a note while viewing a candidate resume even easier, we’ve increased the width of the expanded Resume Card on a candidate record so that the Add Notes slideout will no longer overlap with resumes. Users will now be able to read, scroll, and view entire resumes while adding notes.


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