Absolute IT and Madison are part of the Accordant Group, which has grown to become New Zealand’s largest recruitment company and includes four separate trading entities. Across their two businesses, Absolute IT and Madison offer permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services right across New Zealand.

As Absolute IT and Madison were looking to streamline their business processes they realised their legacy CRM systems were holding them back. So the search began for a new, cloud-based recruitment platform that could support them into the future. Bullhorn recently caught up with Kerrie Gregory, National Business Improvement Manager at Madison to discuss their journey with Bullhorn so far and their experience with a remote go-live.

The Challenge

Before Bullhorn, Absolute IT and Madison were using many different systems across the business. This included different CRM platforms, mid-office and back-end systems. As none of the systems were integrated, their teams had to jump from one solution to another causing many inefficiencies.

The platforms didn’t offer Absolute IT or Madison the flexibility they needed. For Kerrie, trying to gather reports for upper management was a lengthy process. There was no easy way to collate the information they required. They often experienced significant lag times in their CRM, even when running a basic search. This is when Kerrie knew it was time to make a change. “We knew there were better solutions available”, said Kerrie.

The Solution

Going into the project, their goal was to have a “future-focused CRM that could adapt as their business needs change, is easy to use, and intuitive”. After an extensive search, Kerrie was able to cut their shortlist down to three vendors who she thought aligned to the business objectives. Ultimately, Bullhorn’s intuitive system was chosen because of its multifaceted capabilities. Bullhorn offered Absolute IT and Madison an extensive range of “tried and tested” innovative and highly customisable functionality, so there was no need to build new add-on features.

Kerrie could see Bullhorn and our ecosystem of Marketplace partners were fully capable of covering the complex requirements of Absolute IT and Madison through any situation. Furthermore, Bullhorn’s expert project management team had large scale implementation experience that was truly unmatched in the region. This decision was validated, as Kerrie and her team were able to continue working towards go-live with Bullhorn through the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than facing the uncertainty of delays for their team or to the project.

Since signing with Bullhorn, Kerrie has been exposed to, and engaged with, a great cross-section of the Bullhorn APAC team, from marketing and sales, to project managers, solutions architects and training teams. Every interaction has been “above expectations 100 percent, not once did I have to chase anyone at Bullhorn for anything. It has been amazing”, Kerrie said. Going through implementation with Bullhorn’s customer-focused approach has meant Kerrie hasn’t had to wait for responses or question the team’s capabilities at all. She noted, “the people are incredibly knowledgeable about the products”.

Stage one, of the two part implementation plan, was to get Absolute IT up and running before focusing on Madison in stage two. As go-live date neared for Absolute IT and the COVID-19 pandemic had spread around the world, Kerrie decided to forge ahead with a remote go-live for the team. Part of that decision was down to the CEO who “is quite visionary and he understands the need to have everyone work seamlessly from any location and not be reliant on really old school technologies”.

From her many interactions with Bullhorn, Kerrie was confident that together we had “things put in place that meant we would be able to achieve what we needed to achieve”. On the go-live day, with a strong communications plan in place, Kerrie knew the team would know where to turn in any situation. A Microsoft Teams meeting was open throughout the day with a dedicated Bullhorn resource, and a dedicated Absolute IT resource, available to answer any questions that came up through the day. The meeting allowed screen share functionality for more difficult questions and a complete chat history log for all users who had simpler enquiries. With the meeting and dedicated resources in place, Kerrie had the confidence to know, “if people do ask a tricky question we’ll be able to answer it”.

Demo Bullhorn

Above expectations 100 percent, not once did I have to chase anyone at Bullhorn for anything. It has been amazing.
Kerrie Gregory Accordant NZ

The Result

Since the successful remote go-live of Absolute IT, the consultants are now busy familiarising themselves with Bullhorn and its Marketplace partner systems. Managers and individuals have found the Microsoft Teams session to be “really helpful”. This has resulted in high levels of adoption across the team as consultants were able to ask the questions they had when they arose. Basic administrative tasks have been automated and running searches in Bullhorn are done with ease, giving consultants more time to concentrate on their clients and candidates. The system is configurable to each consultant’s preferences, giving them a more customised experience.

For Kerrie, it’s onto stage two of the implementation plan where Madison will be brought across to Bullhorn. With stage one of the implementation plan and the remote go live for Absolute IT a fantastic success, she looks forward to the plans forging ahead. On the possibility of a remote go live again she said, “when we go live for Madison, I would do the exact same thing again. I think [a remote go live] makes more sense and covers a wider range of people”. Looking further to the future, Kerrie said, “the world’s our oyster” now they have Bullhorn in place to help them achieve their business goals. “There’s lots more that we can do now, that we never could have imagined being able to do in our old system”.

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