Accordant’s focus continues to be on growing the strong footprint of each entity in their respective sectors, while also developing opportunities for a combined, complementary service offering to key clients and prospects with diverse recruitment requirements.

Bullhorn spoke with:

  • Kerrie Gregory, General Manager Operations, Accordant Group
  • Ednadine Ferreira, Manager of Innovation & Optimisation, Absolute IT
  • Jamie Cunningham, Consultant, Madison Recruitment
  • Christian Howatson, Manager Marketing & IT, JacksonStone & Partners

Within the Group, Absolute IT, JacksonStone & Partners and Madison Recruitment utilise Bullhorn ATS and Bullhorn Automation. We spoke with them about their Bullhorn journey – watch the videos to hear their experiences.


What challenges were your team facing before using Bullhorn ATS?


What is your advice to others who might be considering Bullhorn?


How has Bullhorn and its open ecosystem helped your business?


What challenges were your team facing before using Bullhorn Automation?


How have you used Bullhorn ATS and Bullhorn Automation to help you provide a positive candidate experience?

The three biggest areas where we knew we could gain efficiencies were a database refresh to ensure we were actively engaging with candidates on a regular basis, reduced administration for the consultants (definitely something that they love!) and also time-saving..taking away the manual part of reminding consultants when certain things were happening in the recruitment process.
Kerrie Gregory Accordant Group, General Manager Operations
Bullhorn and its open ecosystem has ultimately helped us connect with people faster and deliver faster.
Ednadine Ferreira Absolute IT, Manager of Innovation & Optimisation
[Bullhorn and the ecosystem] It’ll make a huge difference to the way that you work, it’ll remove human error.. There’s just so many different positives to it. It’s just worth having a look and probably is worth making the change.
Christian Howatson JacksonStone & Partners, Manager Marketing & IT
Our role is people focused, whether that’s client or candidate and our job is to nurture those the time that we save by having the automations in place and allowing us to focus on that side of our job is really invaluable.
Jamie Cunningham Madison Recruitment, Consultant

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