Ambition was founded in Australia in 1999. Today, they are a global leader in the recruitment industry serving key international locations including London, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Ambition strives to ‘Build Better Futures’ for their clients and candidates but also their internal staff.

We caught up with James Pride, Group IT Director at Ambition to discuss how Bullhorn has become a trusted partner and increased reporting capabilities within the business.

The Challenge

Ambition was facing a range of issues with the business being on two different ATS systems.

In Australia, they were using JobAdder while in Asia and the UK they were on itris. “We had a lot of instability with JobAdder in Australia which resulted in a lot of downtime and it began impacting our business”, James explained. Itris was an older client services style application, which was hosted internally in Ambition’s Hong Kong office and serviced their other international offices. “We deemed this a business risk with the way it was distributed to our individual consultants”, James stated.

Ambition faced fragmentation and many reporting issues, trying to combine data from the two different systems. It was also difficult to integrate other products into their existing technology stack. This is when they started their search for a new system and landed on Bullhorn.

The Solution

Ambition started an extensive search for a new solution engaging with external partner, RecTech to help them assess all ATS platforms available in the market. In the end, Ambition chose to partner with Bullhorn. “The whole Ambition group globally is now on Bullhorn”, James explained.

Ambition found Bullhorn was one of the only solutions that had the global reach it needed to support their business. “Bullhorn has the ability to support us in the different markets that we operate without relying on a support centre in a different country, resulting in timezone issues”, said James. He continued, “We also liked that Bullhorn had a strong marketplace of partners meaning we weren’t just limited to one product with a limited set of integrations. So it was really the breadth and reach of the Bullhorn platform which made Bullhorn the right choice for us.”

Demo Bullhorn

Whether it be working from a laptop, mobile phone or whilst on the road, Bullhorn’s cloud based system has been a game changer for us. Enabling us to be more mobile and flexible.
James Pride Group IT Director, Ambition

The Results

Ambition has been using Bullhorn since 2017 and it is proven to be a reliable system they can trust across their global operations. The platform has brought their whole team onto a single platform in the cloud. “This has enabled us to share data globally which is something we could never do previously”, James highlighted. It has also allowed their team to be more agile which has been especially important over the last couple of years. James said, “The team can work from anywhere which has obviously been a massive help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it be working from a laptop, mobile phone or whilst on the road, Bullhorn’s cloud based system has been a game changer for us. Enabling us to be more mobile and flexible.”

Reporting has gotten much more flexible with Bullhorn as well. “The ability to have global reporting has been a huge win for us”, James stated. “This also has resulted in cost considerations by being able to reduce the number of products we use and streamline those integrations.” Since joining Bullhorn Ambition have adopted a number of Bullhorn’s Marketplace Partners into their ecosystem such as Astute Payroll, Broadbean and Volcanic to seamlessly power their operations. Overall “[Bullhorn’s] been great for us from a cost perspective, business continuity and internal processes”, James stated.

The Future

James feels that automation will be key for the future of recruitment so has been using Bullhorn Automation for almost a year now.. “We are very excited that Bullhorn have brought Bullhorn Automation in house and we are really excited to see how it develops. Bullhorn Automation is an industry gamechanger, we feel that anything that can make consultants more efficient through technology is going to be a big win.”

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