Avidian Recruitment was founded by their Managing Director, Suhail Hassan. With a background in the Healthcare industry, Suhail knew the recruitment sector had more to offer the medical industry. Today, Avidian services a range of professions across the sector including GPs, specialists, allied health professionals and corporate sales and marketing professionals.

Bullhorn recently connected with Hanette Ibrahim, Senior Consultant at Avidian to speak about their transition to Bullhorn CRM.

The Challenge

Hanette joined Avidian recently and one of her first tasks was to assess their existing systems. She had extensive experience in the recruitment industry and quickly realised their previous ATS was holding the team back. “The one thing I found that was truly lacking was the CRM”, Hanette stated.

The previous system caused confusion for Avidian’s team, as they weren’t able to effectively differentiate records for example, a candidate and a contact record due to the lack of distinctive elements in the system. On top of that, the system didn’t allow their team to work at the speed they desired. It was difficult to contact multiple clients or candidates at once resulting in time wasted on manual data entry and search. Hanette explained, “there just wasn’t enough different facets to it for what a recruiter actually needs.” So the search began for an intuitive platform that would allow Avidian to work at speed and contact candidates and clients at the right times with ease.

The Solution

Hanette assessed many of the major companies providing recruitment software in Australia. After an extensive assessment she chose Bullhorn as it was “really intuitive, it is fast and it does everything we need it to do and more. It’s given us access to more than what the business had access to prior to making the switch”. Avidian’s team has different levels of recruitment experience. “Bullhorn is very easy to use, it’s simple for recruiters of different levels to get started and be able to run with it very quickly” Hanette explained, “for a business like ours, that is crucial”.

Working with Bullhorn’s Account Executive during the assessment process gave Hanette a “refreshing experience” as well. “The service and care in the process meant we had a good level of confidence in the product and I can see it has lived up to the capabilities shown”. Hanette continues, “It was a more consultative approach, which I really appreciate because there’s not many companies out there that do that.”

Demo Bullhorn

Bullhorn is very easy to use, it's simple for recruiters of different levels to get started and be able to run with it very quickly.
Hanette Ibrahim Avidian Recruitment

The Results

Since transitioning from the initial purchasing phase to working with Bullhorn’s Product Consultant who helps to onboard new SMB clients, Hanette’s positive experience continued. “There wasn’t a single time where our team had a question and they didn’t hear back from Bullhorn”, Hanette said. There would be a reply within a day and “sometimes not just a standard reply, but further details outlining processes, recommendations or solutions”.

Avidian have seen numerous process improvements since joining Bullhorn. Their team now enjoys a faster, more streamlined experience with the platform. “It’s almost fueling more engagement, to get things in the system”, Hanette explained. The confusion is gone and all consultants have a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities. They no longer spend time locating and maintaining data. Hannette observed, “There’s a thorough understanding across the business of what needs to be done and how it’s input into the system now”.

With Bullhorn, Avidian’s reporting has improved at all levels. “Suhail, our Managing Director is able to customise his dashboards to see the reporting analytics he wants to see rather than just functions. He can decide what is important for himself”, said Hanette. At an individual level, they also have the same functionality so each consultant knows where they stand and what actions need to be taken. As a team, they are now able to come together regularly to identify any gaps in the process and rectify them quickly in order to get the best outcomes. “It has made my life easier, it has made the team’s life easier”, Hanette stated.

The Future

Looking to the future, Hanette will continue to expand and consolidate their current database while implementing further process improvements in Bullhorn for the team. She looks forward to utilsing Bullhorn’s distribution lists to segment their contacts into different key groups for quick, timely targeting when opportunities arise.

They have expansion plans next year to capitalise on the opportunities in the medical recruitment industry. Hanette sees Bullhorn CRM as a “foundational point” needed to enable their growth plans. She hopes to establish a relationship with other parts of the Bullhorn team so they can further advise her on best practices to help drive Avidian’s future successes.

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