Emmbr (formerly Marshall McAdam) was founded in 2009. They have a rich history as a boutique agency offering strategic recruitment advice to employers seeking permanent, contract, and interim talent.

As the business has evolved over the years, they realised it was time to rebrand to Emmbr, to realign their strong values around nurturing people’s careers, consulting clients, and diversity and inclusion. Anton Roe, CEO at Emmbr said “The name Emmbr was born from a number of different angles. The first one was the nurturing of people’s careers and their journeys, and an ‘ember’ being the source of life and where great things start from, but it continues to burn away. And we then started thinking about the way that we advise and consult with our clients, and having fireside-style chats. So again, the ember being the fire, the warmth, the nurture.” Keeping a part of their history they included the double ‘M’ in the middle, “which was a bit of a nod to Marshall McAdam, to keep our heritage still at the heart of what we were becoming”, Anton explained. Recently they’ve shifted their focus towards only servicing the technology sector.

The challenge

While Emmbr has been using Bullhorn since its inception, when deciding on which system was right for the business, it had clear requirements. Their agency was looking for something that would grow and evolve with the company and could be fully – and easily – customised.

As part of their recent rebrand, Roe and his senior team did a full strategic review, which included assessing the ATS market to ensure Bullhorn was still fit for purpose. That research ultimately continued to “support that Bullhorn was the right partner for us,” said Anton. “We see Bullhorn as the core, so we’ve gone all in with Bullhorn, and really started to invest in what our stack around it looks like,” Anton explained.

From an employee engagement perspective, it [Bullhorn Analytics] really gives people that visibility to be able to benchmark their own performance and have a bit of fun with it as well.
Anton Roe CEO, Emmbr

The solution

From the very start of their partnership with Bullhorn, Emmbr has been able to easily customise the platform themselves rather than having to rely on an outsourced provider. This has allowed them to incorporate the company’s own terminology and other preferences into the system allowing their team to work in the way that suits them best.

One of the main advantages of Bullhorn is the support Emmbr receives. Anton has been particularly impressed by the speed of work and knowledge across Bullhorn’s support and customer success teams. “The ability to understand the problem we’re facing and then act upon it with a solution has been excellent.” Anton continued, “I can honestly say I’ve never worked with a team as good as the Bullhorn Analytics support team.”

Bullhorn Automation

When looking to build up their tech stack with Bullhorn ATS at the heart, Anton saw automation as a key component. So he engaged with Herefish (now Bullhorn Automation) to “give us the ability to really interrogate our data, look at the quality of the data, and then start to build automations from there,” Anton stated. “We’re constantly working and trying to dream up different ways that we can build automations to support what we do now,” he continued.

Automation has successfully helped Emmbr clean up over 75 percent of their candidate data meaning they can send out meaningful content and also re-engage previous candidates. As a result all of the automations at Emmbr aim to enhance the experience of their candidates and internal team. They have automated reminders in place for consultants as well as consistent timely touchpoints with contractors to ensure their engagement remains high, all of which have saved the Emmbr team from a “ridiculous” amount of work, according to Anton.

Emmbr has started to use Bullhorn Automation in more creative ways too. They are the hosts of Peak, a series of events for women leaders in the technology sector. Using Bullhorn Automation, they’ve been able to promote the event and provide exclusive insights to attendees to better engage their audience around these events. Anton notes, “We’re getting more people to attend our events than ever.”

Bullhorn Analytics

Emmbr has adapted Bullhorn Analytics to bring performance metrics into greater focus at their agency. Bullhorn Analytics has given their consultants visibility to “uncover their true level of recruiting activity and help our people understand what their own performance measures look like,” said Anton. Their team has improved their contractor retention to 75% and our fill rate to 58% using Bullhorn Analytics.

Anton is a big believer in a high-performance culture. Using Bullhorn Analytics OneView dashboard gives their team actionable activity and targets to strive towards each week. The dashboards are updated in real time so every action they take in Bullhorn is instantly reflected. On the walls of the Emmbr office, you’ll find cubeTV, a gamification tool in Bullhorn Analytics used to help further their employee engagement. Each consultant has picked their own celebratory music which will play on the cubeTV screens to recognise their successes. Anton said, “From an employee engagement perspective, it really gives people that visibility to be able to benchmark their own performance and have a bit of fun with it as well.” From a management lens, Anton has enjoyed “being able to ‘slice and dice’ their data.” He is able to view top clients, look at the way their clients are growing as well as view trends over time.

The future

Anton is clear that Emmbr will continue to work closely with the team at Bullhorn to keep abreast of new product updates and Marketplace partners to stay at the forefront of new advances and meet the evolving needs of their clients and candidates. Anton stated, “We want to keep investing around our contractor engagement. We’ll be continuing to work with Bullhorn to understand the different ways that we can interact and support our contractors.”

“The more contractors feel engaged and supported, the more productive they are for our clients, which means our clients get better project outcomes while the contractors get a better experience,” Anton explained.

Anton feels they are just at the start of their automation journey: “I feel like there’s so much more we can do with it.” Lastly, he looks forward to exploring how Emmbr can build “a more collaborative framework” between contractors, clients, and their agency using Bullhorn.

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