Forrest Solutions are a highly successful, world-class staffing and recruitment firm with more than thirty years of experience. The company is driven by the passion of its employees, the value they create, and their ability to keep client satisfaction a top priority. With the Bullhorn difference, Forrest Solutions has a fully integrated front office staffing and recruitment solution that enables users to communicate and collaborate with contacts, candidates, colleagues, and clients in real-time to generate, source, and fill job orders at any time and from anyplace. Bullhorn synchronises all of Forrest Solutions’ sales and recruitment teams, connects departments, and empowers employees to continually improve client and candidate relationships.

The Challenge

Forrest Solutions’ existing legacy systems were disjointed, difficult to use, and unable to handle all aspects of the business. There was no synchronisation between vertical industry recruiment teams, and visibility into the sales and recruitment processes was poor; tracking client and candidate activity was extremely difficult and absorbed time needed to focus on client relationships. Forrest Solutions’ legacy systems lacked the ability to generate forecasts and track performance metrics.

The Solution

Bullhorn’s fully integrated front office solution, Bullhorn ATS & CRM, offers all the functionality needed to connect teams and increase productivity—integrated email, sourcing, applicant tracking, calendaring, task management, job management, and customer relationship management. Bullhorn provides 360° visibility into each step of the staffing and recruitment process; sales and recruitment are completely synchronised, driving faster placements. Bullhorn’s ease of use and seamless integration automates operations and frees up time to focus on sourcing, client relationships, generating job orders, and making placements in the shortest time possible.

Bullhorn ATS & CRM automatically parses resumes into the integrated applicant tracking system where they are matched against job orders—all candidate-related activity is automatically tracked and viewable by any member of the team, at every location.

The Results

Sourcing and Placing Candidates

Bullhorn’s integrated CRM allows teams to manage activity related to a contract or company, identify inactive clients, store contract information, and share notes across the global environment.

Generating Job Orders

Bullhorn’s CRM and integrated email allow Forrest Solutions to customise email blasts to clients and prospects utilising features such as email templates, distribution lists, and client activity tracking.

Communication and Collaboration

Forrest Solutions’ sales and recruitment teams are now synchronised in real-time. As soon as a job order is entered into Bullhorn, recruiters can begin sourcing or recommend candidates to prospective clients, as the order is being taken.

Scalability/Growing the Business

Forrest Solutions believes its reputation rests on the performance of its employees. The enthusiasm of the entire staff is directly attributed to how well the company empowers its employees—and Bullhorn is a key factor in maximising their performance and growing the company.

Sourcing and Placing Candidates

Bullhorn’s integrated CRM allows teams to manage activity related to a contract or company, identify inactive clients, store contract information, and share notes across the global environment.

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