Icon Partners is a Japan-based executive search agency that caters to the needs of high value candidates and quality-focused companies within the supply chain management sector. Founded in 2006 by CEO Jeremy Sanderson, Icon Partners has a vision to become the clear market leader in its sector. Jeremy himself has been immersed in the Southeast Asian recruitment industry for over a decade, gathering expert understanding of the region’s unique recruitment requirements and applying this expertise to Icon Partners’ highly specialised service offering.

Exemplifying its characteristic focus on service excellence and business acumen, Icon Partners has chosen the market-leading recruitment CRM, Bullhorn, as its recruitment software foundation. Bullhorn recently caught up with Jeremy Sanderson so that he could shed light on the Icon Partners journey, the company’s unique challenges, and the Bullhorn experience through the eyes of a long-standing customer.

The Challenge

At its inception in 2006, Icon Partners began using a well-known competitor in the general CRM space as its software platform, but soon found that it lacked functionality, user friendliness, and a specialised recruitment focus. Search functionality was particularly poor, as some generalised CRMs aren’t necessarily designed for recruitment-specific workloads like searching candidate skills. Nonintuitive workflows became a burden on productivity, frustrating consultants and causing incremental time losses. Icon Partners needed a recruitment-focused CRM with customisablity and flexibility. After assessing several potential options, Bullhorn, as the market leader, became the obvious choice.

The Solution

The usability and flexibility of Bullhorn’s interface proved to be a dramatic improvement over Icon Partners’ previous solution. The incorporation of multiple facets of the daily workload, such as working with emails within the recruitment CRM itself, was now a possibility. Bullhorn’s customisability proved to be well-suited to the varied workflow of supply chain management recruitment. Icon Partners was able to leverage this customisability to create custom fields, search categories, and drop lists, tailoring Bullhorn to its needs. As a recruitment veteran, Jeremy has used numerous recruitment software platforms throughout his career, and comments: “Bullhorn’s ease of customisability is unlike anything else I have used. Other providers require users to submit requests to change even minor aspects of their systems, which not only takes time, but also often includes fees.”

Demo Bullhorn

Bullhorn’s ease of customisability is unlike anything else I have used.
Jeremy Sanderson Icon Partners

The Results

Bullhorn has allowed Icon Partners to share information among its team of consultants and managers more efficiently than was previously possible. Having used the system for close to a decade, Jeremy and his team have experienced Bullhorn’s continuous commitment to platform updates and software innovation firsthand. With the introduction of S Release, Jeremy believes that Bullhorn achieved a new level of speed and usability. Icon Partners has also seen the stability of the platform mature, resulting in no downtime over the past two years. When minor problems do arise, Bullhorn’s 24/7 support has proven to be prompt and reliable. Speaking of the support team, Jeremy said, “With the introduction of Bullhorn’s dedicated APAC office, support became very reliable and efficient. The support team is on call 24 hours a day, and if I were to submit an urgent ticket, I would get a response in as little as 10 minutes.”

The Future

Bullhorn’s expansion and increased focus on the APAC region has proven to be a key factor in ensuring the longevity of its relationship with Icon Partners. Having used Bullhorn since before it had a physical presence in the APAC region, Jeremy is excited and optimistic that Bullhorn’s further investment into the region will result in more beneficial updates and even greater opportunities for APAC-based agencies.

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