Mee Derby is one of a handful of companies in the United States that recruits professionals for the recruitment industry nationwide. Since Mee Derby is continuously growing at a rate above the industry average, it’s important that any recruiting software it uses does not present a barrier to growth. As the global leader in recruitment software, Bullhorn met all of Mee Derby’s requirements by providing a turn-key solution that expands effortlessly as the company grows.

The Challenge

Mee Derby lacked a reliable, high-performance system that was fast and easy to use. Processes were not standardised and hindered performance. The company was experiencing rapid growth and needed a solution that would scale with them without requiring additional resources.

The Solution

Bullhorn ATS & CRM combines all the applications Mee Derby needed including integrated email, sourcing, applicant tracking, calendaring, task management, job management, and CRM, in one integrated solution that standardised processes while adapting to individual needs. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, Bullhorn ATS & CRM is able to scale effortlessly with rapid growth and is accessible from any time and anyplace. Bullhorn delivers a competitive advantage and clients consistently achieve the highest placement rates in the industry.

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The Results

  • Generating Job Orders – With fast access to all critical information, Mee Derby closes more deals by tracking all candidate and client information in Bullhorn.
  • Client Activity Tracking – With Bullhorn’s integrated email, every email to and from clients and candidates is attached to their files and is accessible to anyone in the company. Even if the original account manager or recruiter is not available to discuss an issue, employees have access to all email conversations, notes, and historic activity. Anyone working with a client automatically gains 360º visibility into all relevant account information.
  • Scalability/Growing the Business – Bullhorn has allowed Mee Derby to standardise their processes without interfering with their best recruiters’ performance. The system is intuitive and its value is clear: new hires get up to speed and are productive almost immediately. Bullhorn expands effortlessly as Mee Derby grows. Available anytime, anywhere, Bullhorn allows Mee Derby to hire the best Executive Recruiters wherever they live.

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