Peoplefusion is a Newcastle-based recruitment company founded in 2007 by Directors Ali Kimmorley and Sally Bartley, two childhood friends who grew up mere streets apart in the Hunter region. Borne through their combined passions for finding the perfect candidate for the right company and with extensive expertise in the area, the duo have grown peoplefusion to be the preeminent recruitment consultancy in the region. The business operates in a number of specialist areas, including office support, finance, human resources, sales and marketing, executive, information technology, supply chain, engineering, mining, and manufacturing.

From humble beginnings as a project of passion, peoplefusion is now synonymous with the highest standards of professionalism and has garnered a reputation for connecting with the best talent in the region — and it all happens within Bullhorn.

Ali Kimmorley and Sally Bartley are well-versed recruiters who have been pioneers in the industry since 1999. They had long used a well known server-based competitor, but Ali and her team found this solution to be not only slow and ineffective, but also lacking in features that they required for their unique recruitment sector and style. Peoplefusion soon outgrew its software and decided that a change was needed. “Our solution was clunky when it was working,” said Kimmorley, “and when it wasn’t, the customer service was simply sub-par.”

The Challenge

On the search for a new provider, peoplefusion was determined to find a solution that both satisfied all of its needs and that it could trust to support the company through its future journey. Peoplefusion considered a handful of other well-known cloud-based providers, but landed on Bullhorn because as an international market leader, Bullhorn could provide peoplefusion with the stability, customer service, and customisability it required. “We chose Bullhorn because we felt confident in its continued advancement of the product and for its customisability,” recalled Kimmorley. “The 24-hour support was also a big deciding factor for us.”

The Solution

After implementing Bullhorn, peoplefusion was able to halve its front-end administration times for many of its key functions and improve workflow speed, ultimately reducing time spent in front of data and freeing up more time to make placements. Bullhorn’s intelligent integrations made manually uploading candidates a thing of the past and communications between candidates and clients became easier than ever before. Peoplefusion also found itself customising the Bullhorn interface for its own preferences and implementing Broadbean and AstutePayroll as additions through the Bullhorn Marketplace, allowing peoplefusion to achieve a tailored system that finally ticked all its boxes. “Bullhorn Marketplace and the customisable interface that Bullhorn allows has helped us to really focus on what we need and get rid of everything we don’t,” stated Kimmorley. “It’s just a lifesaver and makes everything really intuitive.”

Demo Bullhorn

I really think the customisability allows Bullhorn to suit businesses of all sizes, and we’re a great example. The implementation was brilliant and Bullhorn’s project management was exceptional — it really surpassed our speed and implementation expectations.
Ali Kommerly Managing Director, peoplefusion

The Future

The future looks promising for peoplefusion as it continues to grow within the region, and Bullhorn is proud to say it plays a part in peoplefusion’s success as a preferred provider. Ali also had a few things to say about her overall impressions of Bullhorn from the onset of the partnership through to where it stands today. “Our initial concern with Bullhorn, and I think many other SME recruitment companies might share this thought, is that it is tailored towards large businesses, but we now know this isn’t at all the case. I really think the customisability allows it to suit businesses of all sizes, and we’re a great example. The implementation was brilliant and Bullhorn’s project management was exceptional — it really surpassed our speed and implementation expectations.”

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