Peoplebank focuses on IT & Digital recruitment offering its services throughout Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. They were founded over 30 years ago in 1990 and have since grown organically and through acquisitions. Most recently, in 2019, Peoplebank and the Chandler Macleod Group (CMG) merged to form one of Australia’s largest multi-specialist talent solution companies.

Since the merger, Peoplebank still maintains its strict specialist focus on the IT & Digital recruitment market. Their purpose as a team is to ‘connect and enable so everyone can make their difference’. Bullhorn caught up with the team at Peoplebank to see how Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn Automation and our Marketplace partner, WorkPro have enabled their teams to streamline operations across the business.

The Challenge

Prior to Bullhorn, Peoplebank used another Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that was slow and lacked an efficient workflow. Recruiters routinely experienced delays of up to 3-4 seconds after each action and soon became frustrated with the slow processes. None of their systems were coordinated, so their teams wasted valuable time on manual data entry across multiple platforms. In need of a comprehensive system that could be secure and reliable to improve efficiencies for its multiple teams across Australia, Peoplebank landed on Bullhorn and more recently Bullhorn Automation.

Working with a disparate contingent workforce, compliance is essential for Peoplebank. They were in need of an online, mobile, and responsive workforce compliance platform that was integrated with Bullhorn. Peoplebank’s existing online compliance solution, WorkPro later joined the Bullhorn Marketplace allowing their team to stay within the one platform further streamlining their workflows.

The Solution

Working across multiple offices in different states, it’s important for the Peoplebank team to have instant access to their database of candidates and clients. Bullhorn allows their team to access the platform from anywhere, to service their clients in line with their individual contractual and compliance requirements. Peter Kennedy, General Manager, NSW at Peoplebank explained that, “Bullhorn has provided us with centralised control and management of business critical information for our national client base.”

“Using tear sheets for the siloing of candidates and client contacts has provided our teams with a quick and easy way to manage the key people we need to keep in touch with”, Peter stated. Being able to quickly contact top candidates and nurture client relationships has been especially important in 2020. “In the current climate our drive to become more digital, streamlined and efficient has increased”. Peter continues, “having systems that are integrated and cloud-based like Bullhorn and WorkPro saves time and makes accessing them easy no matter where we are working from. This has helped our workforce during this ongoing period of remote working.”

Demo Bullhorn

In the current climate our drive to become more digital, streamlined and efficient has increased. By having systems that are integrated and cloud-based like Bullhorn and WorkPro saves time and makes accessing them easy no matter where we are working from.
Peter Kennedy Peoplebank

The Results

Bullhorn’s comprehensive recruitment activity tracking capabilities throughout the entire process means Peoplebank has instant access to the best talent right in their system. The platform provides easy access to a candidate’s work history and experience so Peoplebank’s sourcing team can easily locate the best candidates for opportunities, “we can have a greater reliance on Bullhorn for candidates sourcing rather than job boards”, said Peter.

System adoption is high amongst all staff at Peoplebank. The platform is intuitive so even new employees have no problem using the system from their first day. “Newly onboarded staff most commonly say the platform is intuitive and user friendly. They can easily find, view and add records.”, Mandy Goswami, Senior App Trainer at CMG explains.

Bullhorn Automation

Prior to implementing Bullhorn Automation, Peoplebank was spending valuable time doing repetitive manual processes. These included multiple field updates in Bullhorn, constant Tear Sheet maintenance and manual emails such as welcome emails or job opportunity updates to candidates.

Bullhorn Automation has allowed Peoplebank to reduce manual tasks giving their team more time to focus on value-added activities. One example where Peoplebank were able to automate many time consuming manual processes was in their Contractor Next Job Program. “This program is a contractor retention initiative, aiming to find our contractors their next position before their current contract ends, or soon after”, explains Michelle Oliver, Chief Marketing Officer at CMG. Utilising Bullhorn Automation’s simple triggers to automate emails and other tasks within the system means Peoplebank can reduce resources to manage the program. “They can spend more time communicating directly with program members and less time sending bulk communications”, Michelle said.

Bullhorn Automation hasn’t just streamlined the Contractor Next Job Program for Peoplebank, they’ve also been able to use Bullhorn Automation to resolve several other business challenges. These include improving data integrity, alerting internal staff when it is time to conduct a contractor or client placement health check or contract extension conversation. Michelle states overall, “Bullhorn Automation has helped us streamline our processes, improve communication relevance and provides opportunities for us to improve customer retention.”


Peoplebank have utilised Bullhorn Marketplace Partner, WorkPro, for a number of years to manage their work health and safety (WHS) as well as other regulatory and compliance processes. WorkPro is a powerful online platform fully integrated with Bullhorn, meaning Peoplebank can stay within one system, increasing visibility and eliminating manual data entry and checks across different systems. “The integration with Bullhorn has had a very positive impact on our processes internally, explains Lee-Ann Wallis, Project Manager at CMG, “WorkPro’s compliance and background check processes have always been streamlined but the integration has really simplified things for our sales consultants and contractor management teams”.

Using Bullhorn Automation, Peoplebank are now able to trigger a reminder to contractors when their insurance or WHS Training modules are expiring. This has helped to ensure all documents and training is regularly updated before expiring further increasing compliance across the business. In addition to their ease of use to ensure compliance, the WorkPro team are attentive and responsive. Lee-Ann highlights, “the team at WorkPro are always listening to their customers and looking for ways to continuously improve their platform for both candidates and clients.”

The Future

Peoplebank will continue to innovate with Bullhorn and its Marketplace Partners. They strive to provide their internal team the best tools so they can continue to streamline their processes. This will enable their teams to have more time to communicate with candidates and clients using reliable online and mobile platforms.

Bullhorn is set to be rolled out across the entire CMG. This will “provide the springboard we need to fully integrate the business and allow for increased cross selling opportunities”, Peter states. Their team plans to expand Bullhorn Automation’s use across multiple areas of the business, including other areas of the Next Job program and general candidate and client nurture programs.

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