Quinton Anthony is an executive search, professional recruitment and organisational consulting firm specialising in the construction, engineering and property sectors. Dan Copping, one of Quinton Anthony’s leading recruitment consultants has been employed (through an RPO) by Hansen Yuncken to work on site as a Talent Acquisition Consultant. Hansen Yuncken is a family owned and operated leading national construction company that has been in operation for over 100 years.

The team at Bullhorn caught up with Dan to understand how Hansen Yuncken utilised Bullhorn to talent pool candidates and change their processes to become more proactive instead of reactive.

The Challenge

12 months ago when Dan arrived on site at Hansen Yuncken he realised there was an immediate need to invest in a quality ATS in order to record and collect candidate data. The business had previously only utilised spreadsheets. Recruitment volume at Hansen Yuncken fluctuates heavily based on when they win new construction projects. “When we pick up a few projects in one go, we then end up in a position where the business needed staff yesterday, so there is a real need to be able to create a pipeline of candidates”, Dan explained.

The Solution

Dan went out to market and narrowed it down to Bullhorn and JobAdder having used both systems previously. Hansen Yuncken was unfamiliar with both applicant tracking systems so wanted to get a deeper understanding before making the choice. Although the decision was ultimately Dan’s, as he would be the one driving implementation and change, he still had to get buy-in from stakeholders within both Quinton Anthony and Hansen Yuncken. Dan detailed that “We felt that Bullhorn was more in line with what we needed, it was better for us internally as it had a lot more functionality than JobAdder and could be used across the business”.

“For us, the talent pooling abilities [with Bullhorn] was also really good. Being able to break searches down into states and even further into positions was really helpful for us”, Dan said. He explained that as Hansen Yuncken is a non recruitment business, where managers don’t always understand the 360 recruitment process, “Bullhorn’s transparency and the ability for managers to log in and track their jobs was a serious selling point”.

Demo Bullhorn

We felt that Bullhorn was more in line with what we needed, it was better for us internally as it had a lot more functionality than JobAdder and could be used across the business.
Dan Copping Hansen Yuncken

The Results

On reflection, after using Bullhorn for 12 months, Dan explained that a huge benefit of using Bullhorn has been “The time to fill roles when ramping up for projects. Having up to date data around candidates salary expectations, locations, coupled with the searchability within the database, that we obviously didn’t have before”. The aftercare of candidates has also been made really easy with Bullhorn Dan went on to detail, “When we place people within the business, being able to set reminders to check-in with the candidates, one, three and six months in, throughout their probation, has been really helpful for us”.

Dan has really enjoyed his experience working with the internal Bullhorn team also. “The aftercare with Bullhorn has been really good. The Relationship Management team has offered great tips on how to improve my processes which has been really helpful. The help icon within Bullhorn has made it really easy to send off questions and receive a quick response”. The ability to use as much or as little Bullhorn Support as required was a real highlight for Dan.

The Future

Never previously having a database, Dan feels that with Bullhorn the future for recruitment at Hansen Yuncken looks pretty bright, “Being able to have a pipeline of candidates and fill roles fast” will continue to be a real benefit for them. At Hansen Yuncken “A lot of our roles are quite unique and there’s only a handful of people that can really do these jobs within Sydney. Being able to map out the market and know where those people are in order to keep them engaged with Hansen Yuncken is great for us”. For Dan, Bullhorn has enabled them to “be more proactive instead of reactive” and that’s so important for these hard to fill roles.

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