Procurement recruitment agency Ronin was founded just ahead of the 2007 recession. Given the harsh economic climate that followed, Ronin’s first clients decided to cast their nets far and wide by moving away from specific vertical industries. Using this approach to their advantage, Ronin quickly expanded beyond the competition. As a result, Ronin has gone from strength-to-strength to offer some of the best procurement jobs for supply chains, logistics, and commercial management all across the UK. Today, Ronin prides itself on its exceptional customer service and its long-term relationships with the leading talent in procurement.

The Challenge

Ronin explored a number of different platforms, eventually settling for a server-based platform riddled with hidden costs and limited functionality. Additionally, the system lacked remote access and therefore required all work to be done in the office. The team realised that their cost-based decision had left them feeling restricted, so the agency decided to move onto a flexible, cloud-based system, one that had been specifically built for recruitment professionals on-the-go.

Despite having been partnered with a different system for three years—one that had “nowhere near the functionality of Bullhorn,” commented Mark Badley, Managing Director of Ronin—the agency “didn’t lose the value of what [they] had built up over time” when transferring their data over.

The Solution

Mark and the team soon realised that Bullhorn ATS & CRM is “flexible, very user-friendly, and intuitive.” Bullhorn offered mobility for a team that was often on-the-go. “Being able to access information via a whole range of different types of hardware, be it tablet, mobile, desktop,” observed Mark, “that’s really really useful.” From day one, Mark noted that the team easily adopted Bullhorn and has “never been critical of the platform in any way.” Despite the team being experienced recruiters, many of Ronin’s consultants had never seen or used Bullhorn before. However, the team found it easy to get up to speed; “It’s all down to how intuitive and user-friendly the platform is,” said Mark.

“It’s all down to how intuitive and user-friendly the platform is.”
Mark Badley Ronin

The Results

Bullhorn ATS & CRM immediately began to differentiate Ronin from the competition, allowing them to focus on their long-term client relationships and provide exceptional service to clients and candidates alike. Mark specifically credits Bullhorn for the “speed to be able to search and the accuracy of search functionality,” which has had a “big impact” upon his team’s work. After initially starting with one user, the team has expanded to eleven: “We can add licenses and easily expand without any upfront costs.”

“Bullhorn’s willingness to work with other organisations and make everything work together is brilliant”
Mark Badley Ronin

Mark also credits “the third party applications from Bullhorn Marketplace” for Ronin’s success. “Bullhorn’s willingness to work with other organisations and make everything work together [is] brilliant,” Mark noted.

The Future

Ronin is currently in the process of implementing Bullhorn Onboarding. Mark is confident this will “give a level of consistency” into how he and his team “manage compliance with various different contractors.” Most importantly, it will make Ronin’s team “more efficient while lowering risk.”

The procurement recruitment agency intends to grow even further over the upcoming years. Mark is certain that Bullhorn is going to be there every step of the way by being “efficient” and giving the Ronin team “the flexibility to work on-the-go.”

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