Founded in 1995, Talent specialises in the IT, digital and technology recruitment space. They place leading professionals across their offices located in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Germany. As a business, Talent wants to ‘bring real value to people and organisations’ through creating amazing customer and candidate experiences driven by a genuine desire to build long term relationships and outcomes. To do this, they decided to partner with Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn Automation and our Marketplace partners to build an agile ecosystem for their team.

The Challenge

Talent offices across the APAC region had been on their previous system for a number of years with small gripes increasing over that time. “It became very cumbersome and labour intensive to maintain”, Gert Leppers, Global Chief Digital Officer at Talent explained.

There were a lot of manual processes and their tech stack did not all integrate well. This resulted in countless instances where information had to be downloaded from one system, then uploaded or manually entered into a different system. Consultants were working across different programs and in multiple windows, causing many time-consuming inefficiencies. On top of this, when Leppers and his team wanted to make customisations to their system, they had to rely on specific developers causing further delays.

We can see that our people are working with the data in Bullhorn, putting more information into it, and really using it the way we designed it to be used. Our team is able to leverage whatever they put in, then getting better quality out of it.
Gert Leppers Global Chief Digital Officer, Talent

The Solution

Talent knew it was time to make a change, so they went out to the market and ultimately decided to make the switch to Bullhorn ATS/CRM.

Gert recognised the strength of Bullhorn as a leading player in the ATS/CRM recruitment technology space over a long period of time. He stated, “With Bullhorn, we had a partner that was established, with a large fan base and a lot of references available.”

Talent knew Bullhorn can grow and scale with them so they’d be supported at every stage. They wanted their systems to be accessible via one platform and Bullhorn offered great flexibility here with a wide-range of Marketplace partners and open-APIs. “The ability to integrate with other parties, to have a Marketplace of partners that could augment services, all those things ultimately factored into our decision”, Leppers said.

The Results

Since moving to Bullhorn, Talent has been able to build a robust tech ecosystem with Bullhorn ATS at the core alongside Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Messaging. They’ve integrated their system with a variety of Marketplace partners including Broadbean, Daxtra, Onboarded and Referoo. These all work seamlessly from right within Bullhorn, cutting down complexity for their consultants and allowing them to be more efficient.

Most importantly, Talent has even integrated their own bespoke platform, ENGAGE, with Bullhorn. “Seeing our own bespoke system really come to life and being able to drive some of the efficiencies within that product as well has been great”, Leppers explained. He believes, “the biggest win for Talent, from a business value perspective, is how we’ve set Bullhorn up with all the integrations. That for me has been a big, big victory.” Talent has been able to reduce a lot of manual activity for their team, eliminating the room for error that comes with working across different systems.

As Talent have multiple offices across Australia and New Zealand, they had a phased approach to their Bullhorn go-lives to ensure their teams were best prepared to utilise the new system from the start. Talent’s Operations Analyst, Lisa Hanekom noted “throughout that process, it had all been really positive” with the support of their Bullhorn Account Directors and the Bullhorn support team. “From a support perspective, any issues we have had have been resolved very quickly. I think that for us has been key. It’s been a pain point in the past.”

Another ‘big win’ since joining Bullhorn for Leppers has been seeing the high adoption level of the system from their recruiters. “We can see that our people are working with the data in Bullhorn, putting more information into it, and really using it the way we designed it to be used. Our team is able to leverage whatever you put in, then getting better quality out of it”, Gert started. He continued, “hopefully we’ll go from strength to strength, now that we’ve got everybody alive and kicking with it.”

The Future

Thinking about the future with Bullhorn, Hanekom hopes to continue to drive the efficiencies they’re gained by continuing to refine their processes. She explains, “We want to bring efficiencies to the recruiters. Streamlining Bullhorn even more and having the system as their first and only port of call.”

For Leppers the answer to the same questions is “surprisingly little” and he says “it’s a good thing”. According to Leppers, “To get what we have all into one system and seeing it come to life now is really reassuring, from the sense that we can now step back and look broader (at other parts of the business). The fact that we can do that is testament to Bullhorn working as well as it is”.

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