Going forth from the repercussions of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Roger Mills and Danny Wrigglesworth boldly determined to establish specialist consultancy firm Think IT Recruitment. With Mills and Wrigglesworth’s combined decades of IT recruitment experience, it’s unsurprising that today, Think IT has emerged as one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in the UK market.

Think IT specialises in the provision of a full range of industry sectors, incorporating the complete software development cycle, from analysis to project management. The company thinks locally and operates globally, covering a full range of locations from London to Singapore.

What distinguishes Think IT from other agencies is its simple and effective approach towards not only the recruitment process, but the way in which the business operates as a whole. Roger and his team endeavour to match the right candidate with the right opportunity at the right time. Think IT is not the biggest operation, nor does it aspire to be. But the company does believe that it’s one of the best.

Such confidence is unquestionably justified and well-deserved, and Bullhorn is proud to be part of the driving force behind the simplicity and effectiveness that makes Think IT one of the leading IT recruitment specialists around. We caught up with co-owner Roger Mills to discuss his company’s experience of being such an early adopter of Bullhorn in the UK, along with how this partnership has been an invaluable factor for Think IT’s success.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Bullhorn, Think IT used another system that was not only server-based, but also chunky, cheap, and merely did “an okay job.”  Foreseeably, as the company quickly began to grow, self professed “tech guru” Roger Mills realised he needed a system with greater functionality and more scalability.

The Solution

After considering a number of different packages, Think IT chose to implement Bullhorn ATS & CRM. To Roger, Bullhorn seemed simple and workable, an ideology identical to Think IT’s core business principles. Says Roger, “Bullhorn really stood out to us….it seemed to have every functionality.” At the time, Roger even wondered, “How do other competitors actually sell against Bullhorn?”.

Demo Bullhorn


The fact that Bullhorn is 100% cloud-based was a key factor in the decision-making process for Roger. Think IT’s previous system was very inflexible, demanding payments for updates and upgrades as well as subjecting the company to a tedious support process. These issues, along with downtime and backup problems, led Roger to critique Think IT’s initial recruitment CRM as an outdated and “painful, manual process.”

If I want to change something in terms of vacancies, I can make the field live within ten minutes...Tools, Edit, done. Simple.
Roger Mills Think IT

The Results

Since implementing Bullhorn’s cloud computing software and experiencing its 24-hour tech support, Roger has been glad to see such problems eliminated. Lengthy administrative tasks have been cut out in order to streamline workflow and save invaluable time.

Since the transition, Bullhorn has enabled Think IT to double in size. Impressively, this expansion is not a result of intricate customisations and reporting analytics. It is largely due, instead, to Roger’s aforementioned confidence and belief in simplicity. Roger chose to scale Bullhorn back to the absolute basics in order to “get the job done,” “focus on sales,” and avoid becoming “tied up in the process” of administrative tasks.

This isn’t to say that Think IT doesn’t take advantage of Bullhorn’s customisation. Roger is aware of this flexibility, but he often simply chooses to make his life easier by adopting a minimalist approach. “If I want to change something in terms of vacancies, I can make the field live within ten minutes…Tools, Edit, done. Simple.”

Given that Bullhorn has been with Think IT from nearly the very beginning, measured results in terms of “before and after” are difficult to quantify. But as Roger says, “Bullhorn is part of what we do…it’s in our DNA now.”

The Future

Roger can confirm that Bullhorn has been a significant contributor to Think IT’s increasing revenue. Bullhorn CRM’s email functionality and ability to distribute and extract lists, for instance, has increased traffic to Think IT’s website by 35% in the past 3 months.

Overall, Bullhorn is an integral asset for Roger and his team. It forms the foundation for Think IT’s past, present, and future. “Ultimately, we have a saying…if it’s not in Bullhorn, it didn’t happen.”

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