Triple0 Medical Recruitment has been operating across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. They specialise in securing doctors and other health professionals in both locum and permanent positions in hospitals and general practices.

We recently caught up with Triple0’s Managing Director, Mike Adam to discuss how they are utilising Bullhorn Automation. For Mike, it’s not only about giving their candidates and clients the best experience, but also to enhance the experience of their internal team so they can maximise their skillset.

The Challenge

It’s no secret that the medical recruitment industry requires many administrative tasks to get a candidate ready for their new role, not to mention all the other work involved before reaching that stage. Operating in medical recruitment, Triple0 has to ensure all candidate credentials, certificates, health checks and more are compliant before starting their assignments. “We’re an admin heavy industry and with that comes risk, so the more we could remove input of data at each step, the higher chance of a successful outcome”, said Mike. The search began for a platform that would remove the administrative burden from Triple0’s team allowing them to focus on solving client problems and providing the best experience for candidates.

The Solution

When Triple0 started the search for an automation tool, one of the key criteria they were looking for was an existing integration with Bullhorn. “We’ve made Bullhorn our centre of everything”, states Mike. So it was an added benefit to Triple0 that two weeks after his decision to go with Bullhorn Automation, news of Bullhorn’s acquisition came through.

Since implementing Bullhorn Automation, Triple0 has been able to automate many internal processes, enabling their teams to focus on adding value back to their clients and candidates. They have set automations to update candidate records with relevant information so they know their database is housing clean data, ready for their team to use. “By removing any admin tasks we could through using quality systems such as Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation, it frees up a significant amount of time to allow the staff to do the tasks they want to do”, Mike explained. “In the last 90 days, we’ve done 58 000 automations, saving us 1939 hours.”

Bullhorn Automation has helped save significant costs for Triple0, and has actually seen their team grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. They now have more recruiters providing added value to clients, while Bullhorn Automation automates the mundane tasks for them. Mike says, “Bullhorn Automation has enabled us to free up a lot of time while actually allowing us to achieve more”. The Triple0 team has found Bullhorn Automation simple to use and extremely customisable. They are blown away at Bullhorn Automation’s ability to “deal with the different branch logic and have the processes done correctly for any chosen path”. Mike says, “it’s customisation is really quite incredible”.

The team at Triple0 are now able to create and send more personalised communications to their candidates and clients. Bullhorn Automation automatically updates individual preferences against their records, meaning “it really enabled us to have our database in a position where it could be useful for marketing purposes, categorising people for what information they want to hear about”, Mike explained. Rather than send one email out to everyone, Triple0 are able to segment and target based on what information is more relevant to specific groups.

Demo Bullhorn

By removing any admin tasks we could through using quality systems such as Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation, it frees up a significant amount of time to allow the staff to do the tasks they want to do.
Mike Adam Managing Director, Triple0 Medical Recruitment

The Future

In the short term, Mike will continue to work with Bullhorn Automation’s support team and explore new features in the platform such as Semantic Match. This feature will allow his team to keep engaged with top talent by automatically matching the most relevant jobs to their candidates based on historical successes. He describes the support as “Unreal…the support from those guys has definitely well exceeded what we expected and its ongoing”.

Mike has enjoyed seeing his team gain confidence in the automations currently in place and expand their use cases. Longer term, Mike looks forward to introducing new staff to their technology suite. “Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation are a big part of that”, he says. “It makes their jobs easier, less stressful, less admin heavy and enables them to focus on the next sale and add value to our clients”.

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