[Training] Bullhorn Basics Webinar Series: Your one stop shop for tips, expert advice and more!

Bullhorn Basics Webinar Training Series

Bullhorn Basics Webinar Series 

Bullhorn’s training webinar series, ‘Bullhorn Basics’ will showcase features within the platform that are useful, yet often overlooked by recruiters.

We’ll share best practices to make your life easier and provide basic training for users of all experience levels, so you can make the most out of your Bullhorn investment.

This series includes:

    • Episode 1: 5 tips for new users Watch Recording
      Get new users up to speed on Bullhorn so they can hit the ground running
    • Episode 2: How to excel at business development Watch Recording
      Drive your client relationships to the next level using Bullhorn
    • Episode 3: Searching within your database Watch Recording
      Useful tips to simplify your search process
    • Episode 4: Automation Tips and TricksWatch Recording
      Increase your recruiter efficiency using automation


Note: These webinars are intended for all Bullhorn ATS/CRM users.

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