How to find hidden talent in a candidate-scarce market


When was the last time you reviewed your candidate attraction channels?

“All my best applicants come from LinkedIn”
“That job board doesn’t work for me”
“I tried PPC and it didn’t work”
“What are the best countries to find ‘remote’ talent?”

Sound familiar?


In this on-demand webinar presented idibu’s Raife Watson, ANZ Country Manager and Hazel Walker APAC Operations Director, they discuss why now is the right time to review your candidate attraction strategy.

Together they tackle your most pressing issues, including:

  • How to reimagine the way you think about candidate selection
  • Where are my best candidates really coming from?
  • Maximising ROI on talent sourcing
  • Answering once and for all – does social media work?
  • Saving time and effort with CRM management
  • Where do I find the best remote talent
  • Hiring the ‘right fit’ candidate

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