Connected Recruiting Webinar Series: Episode 1


Connected Recruiting Episode 1 – Intro to Connected Recruiting

In the increasingly competitive talent landscape, it’s more important than ever for recruitment agencies to elevate their talent experience and engage candidates at every stage of the talent lifecycle.

Connected Recruiting is a methodology that empowers agencies to create an ever-growing, consistently engaged talent pool while lowering their cost of talent acquisition.

In this session, we cover what Connected Recruiting is all about and provide practical tips on how you can use technology and engagement strategies to:

  • Attract talent and engage them right from the start so they don’t slip through the cracks
  • Engage the existing talent in your database with the right message and the right opportunities at the right time
  • Onboard talent with a seamless, positive experience from day one through the first weeks in their new role
  • Nurture talent throughout their assignment and increase your rate of redeployment and referrals

Note: This webinar is suitable for anyone in the recruitment industry. 

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