What is job coverage?

Job coverage KPIs and analytics allow you to look at the relative burden of each recruiter regarding the number of jobs they are working at any given time. Additionally, job coverage reporting helps quickly identify jobs for which important actions (interviews, internal submissions, and client submissions) have not yet been taken.

What does it answer?

Job coverage provides insight into a few key areas of your business, including:

  • How many jobs does each recruiter cover? Who is covering too many or too few?
  • Which jobs are not showing any interview or submission activity?
  • Which recruiters, jobs, teams, or business lines tend to provide or receive the best coverage? The worst?

How do you measure it?

Use our Jobs Without Coverage dashboard card in the ATS to quickly view jobs added in a specified time range that are missing important activities. Use Canvas or the Job list view to pull data about the number of jobs each recruiter is assigned.

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