What is time to submit first candidate?

The time between a new job order being received and the submission of the first candidate to the client for consideration.

What does it answer?

In recruiting, time is everything. The faster you submit top candidates to a new job order, the better the chances are for a placement. Analyzing time to submit can also help answer:

  • How efficiently is your team able to identify, contact, onboard, and submit candidates to clients for a new job opening?
  • Which segments of your business have the most and least friction in the submission workflow?

How do you measure it?

The Response Times dashboard card provides data on time to first Internal Submission, time to first Client Submission, and time to fill. This card can be filtered down to view only the data for a given time frame, recruiter, department, and more. You can also create ad-hoc reports in Canvas for more specific cuts of data.

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