What is a VMS?

VMS stands for Vendor Management Systems, software or online applications that facilitate the procurement of recruitment services between employers and the suppliers who match them with contingent labour. VMS systems usually feature supplier management, talent management, and SOW project sourcing and management.

Enterprise recruitment agencies are the most likely (but not only) businesses to conduct business through VMSes due to the high volume and lower margins for jobs placed through a VMS. They are traditionally used for temp staffing services but are occasionally used for permanent placements as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

A VMS integration is the software or functionality that enables a firm to streamline their VMS business through their applicant tracking system. Firms use a VMS integration, also known as VMS automation, to automatically manage the VMS data instead of handling it manually.

With VMS automation, agencies can automatically load jobs directly into the ATS. As jobs enter the ATS, the right recruiters are notified so that they can start working on each order immediately. The candidate data is then sent automatically back into the VMS. All status updates are seamlessly synced between the VMS and ATS, providing full visibility into where candidate submissions stand.

VMS automation helps streamline the entire workflow, improving productivity, and increasing the number of successful placements an agency can make. VMS automation:

  • Automates business processes, eliminating the time spent on manual  tasks so it can be put back into relationship building
  • Increases data integrity so everyone on the team can better understand the business and make more effective, accurate decisions.
  • Enables teams to submit and fill jobs faster, improving a team’s speed and accuracy.

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