Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software has been popular for several years now, but what does it actually mean to be web-based and what are the benefits of it? The main difference between web-based CRM and other more traditional offerings is the deployment model.

Traditional On-Premise CRM

Traditional CRM software systems required companies to purchase and host their CRMs on-premise, with expensive IT teams to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot the software. They also required high upfront investments and were incredibly difficult to update, often needing to be completely re-implemented. Companies were forced to maintain outdated software because the benefits of an upgraded system didn’t outweigh the time, hassle, and expense of re-implementation and potential re-training of an entire team regarding new capabilities.

Emergence of Web-Based CRM

In the early 2000s, however, a new deployment model emerged. It was a web-based, or browser-based, deployment model that freed companies from the traditional on-premise solutions of the past. With a web-based solution, companies never have to download or install any software. Rather, the web-based CRM vendor hosts data remotely from a server. Web-based CRM software can be accessed from any browser, providing companies the flexibility to choose the software that works best for their business, and allows CRM vendors to quickly and easily deploy system updates and new features. Additionally, web-based CRM companies can offer new subscription pricing models that save companies millions of dollars that might otherwise be spent on upfront investment.  Essentially, businesses can pay as they go.

The New, Modern CRM Software

Bullhorn ATS & CRM is a web-based and modern CRM built for professional services-based companies of all sizes. Bullhorn ATS & CRM is a unique relationship management platform that’s intuitive, proactive, and mobile so that you can work the way you want to work. Bullhorn CRM is also delivered as a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service. What does this mean? Bullhorn offers a deployment that has all the benefits of other web-based systems, but our multi-tenant architecture means that we’re built to scale with the companies that we serve.

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