1. How is your solution connected to Bullhorn? Which fields and data flow to and from Bullhorn?

2. Outside of being an integrated software, how does your solution improve efficiencies?

3. What security precautions do you take?

4. Do you offer implementation support?

5. Do you have a 1-pager on how your integration works?

6. How do you ensure your system doesn’t create data issues such as duplicate data or incomplete data in my Bullhorn system?

7. If applicable, how does the activity happening in your system feed into my activity metrics in Bullhorn?

8. How do customers use your product to:

  1. Drive revenue?
  2. Optimise your sourcing efforts?
  3. Improve candidate evaluation?
  4. Engage candidates and clients?
  5. Increase recruitment and sales productivity?

9. Who do you consider your competition?

10. Do you offer multiple options to configure the integration?

Once you’ve answered these questions, explore the Bullhorn marketplace to discover the partners that will help you make the most of your investment.

Maximise the benefit you get from your recruitment technology investments