In the midst of the COVID-19, many staffing firms have shifted focus towards client relationships, but have also seen that finding the best candidates and keeping them on assignment has been a challenge.

So how do you keep your candidates and contractors engaged throughout the hiring process, while on assignment, and even post-assignment?

It may sound like a lot of work - but it doesn't have to be. You can automate these communications very easily and ensure your candidates are engaged throughout.

Below are four automations you can create with Herefish by Bullhorn that reduce no-shows and increase redeployment rates.

Send Interview Confirmation

Automatically send interview messages to candidates including email and text confirmation, interview details, and even interview tips

Why is this important?

Create a better candidate experience and help prevent interview falloff by implementing an automated interview confirmation email and text workflow. These automations will:

  • Save recruiters time by automating interview reminders
  • Improve the candidate experience by always giving them the key information they need, when they need it
  • Improve candidate interview conversion by providing interview tips and resources
  • Keep interviewees engaged to prevent interview falloff and cancelations

What can I automate?

With Herefish, you can set up automations that:

  • Send a detailed reminder email and text message the day before the interview
  • Change candidate status post interview
  • Send notifications to recruiter
  • Add follow up task for recruiters
  • Send post interview survey to candidate to get their feedback

Onboard New Hires

Improve the onboarding experience for new contract employees while driving engagement with timely and automated post-placement follow-up messages

Why is this important?

New hires run the risk of encountering a lot of friction and communication gaps. Maybe they need to submit paperwork, maybe they need a reminder on where and whom to report on their first day. With Herefish, you can create text, email, or call reminders based on a candidate’s start date. These automations will:

  • Keep candidates engaged and employed with your firm
  • Prevent assignment falloff
  • Encourage feedback, referrals, and reviews
  • Reduce manual tasks like emailing and texting on the first day
  • Minimises human error by automating based on start dates
  • Reduces new hire departure rates and no-call/no-show
  • Provide new hires with a point-of-contact at your firm as well as answers to typical first-day questions

What can I automate?

With Herefish by Bullhorn, you can set up automations that:

  • Send onboarding documentation (copy HR) upon hire
  • Send welcome email 1 day before start date
  • Send text on first day of assignment
  • Send survey 1 week after start date
  • Send followup text message from recruiter 6 weeks after placement date
  • Send NPS survey request email and/or text

Communicate with Contractors on Assignment

Communicate with contractors on assignment to reduce no-shows, prevent falloff, and ultimately increase revenue

Why is this important?

Contractors on assignment often get thrown on ‘consultant island’ and are easy for busy firms to overlook.  In fact, as many as 15% of contractors leave part-way through an assignment. With Herefish, you can automate outreach to current contractors and protect revenue from walking away during or after an assignment ends. These automations allow you to:

  • Communicate with contractors during the assignment
  • Quickly identify problems like contractor dissent
  • Reduce mid-assignment fall-off
  • Forecast contract end dates more accurately
  • Plan for redeployment of your best talent

What can I automate?

With Herefish by Bullhorn, you can set up automations that:

  • Send touch-base emails throughout the assignment
  • Send text message half way through assignment
  • Include a referral request email or text
  • Add call task during the end to prep redeployment
  • Notify recruiter if no emails are being opened, etc

Redeploy Contractors

Put current contractors back on assignment and capture more value from existing talent

Why is this important?

With 70% of contractors NOT redeployed, there is a ton of opportunity to get more value out of contractors you already have a relationship with and more likely to place. It’s an overlooked, but a ripe area for opportunity. These automations can:

  • Eliminate contractor churn and help protect revenue
  • Build better relationships with candidates you’ve already placed
  • Improve contract end date accuracy for forecasting
  • Good for busy recruiters who want to have high-touch but don’t have time during the day

What can I automate?

With Herefish by Bullhorn, you can set up automations that:

  • Notifies the contact owner when a contractor’s end date is nearing
  • Send an email to the contractor asking them to chat as their assignment ends
  • Change the candidate status to “active” so they show up in future searches

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